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It was just a really special time and again another place where I met friends that I still talk to to this day in people that I respect their music taste I mean, Dj Dwayne Dwayne Harriet wanted the best like selectors in the game like was a Dj and also consulted did things there Yeah. I mean I literally could go through a list of so many people but that was really awesome. Then after that went to the fader was there for a couple of years worked on live events for them. And it was freelance for a good long time taking on clients. Did you like freelance life? It's tough. You have to be really driven and you have to look for your own work. The thing that really kicked me the pants was there was a point where my mom was like aren't you tired of not having insurance or like arguing tired of paying outrageous amount of money per month like not having insurance that is kind of true. But it was awesome. I worked with amazing clients that just were at that time. Remember it was considered being a sellout if a ban put their music. Video or a commercial for. A big deal, and so I worked with agencies and with partners to find those new lines and broker those deals and create those partnerships in a really holistic way that it didn't feel like these people were kind of at the time selling outlets like here's the partnership, and this is how it's going to enhance what you're doing in these people kind of have the same values and again, there were some people that digits want the they're like I don't care cut the check. It's a liquor company I know it's going to be a big one. Great but it was a really different time not like now that it's like that's what people expect. They make albums with. Twenty six tracks because they're expecting that they'll release. By the Gul's in the of them they'll try license for movies commercials or what was a very different time that it was like getting those big hits for big bands you had to like talk to them for weeks and weeks and weeks and convince them that it wouldn't ruin their image. It would ruin things for other people on the label that it was worthwhile to give them the. Teen, amount of money that they were gonNA get for it. Pretty crazy days but it was fun a lot of laying down this foundation of what's going on now. And then kind of transitioned into NPR at some point. That's it How did that opportunity come about? It's wild like I was really still freelancing and I got an email..

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