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On this here show spotlight Canadian racing talent. We are very much impressed so far with twenty three year old red hot shoe from Montreal for TSN six ninety who's winning leading points and two. That's a major development Steph one tilling the French dams racing team. He collected three victories of the first three doubleheaders at Bahrain Baku and Barcelona at after Monte Carlo. He is still the current f two series points leader with the second of our two part interview. Nncholas Latifi is back with us on race line radio. The new f two car last year and you said it's maybe a little bit a little bit slower. Is it is it more of a handful drive? An maybe have you had to adjust your driving style mic to suit. What is still a relatively new to car car? Car wash your heels. Heavier so around, like over hundred twenty five pounds heavier. Six triple now as opposed to V8. Nash, e straighted, the, the car doesn't make the car doesn't make a bit more downforce so, but heavier more downforce and yet the engines different. So it does change Quin characteristics, and how you have to set it up as well. Hey, dr. And I was one of the things that I really struggle with last year was kind of making the change from how driving the previous generation car, and kind of how might team was even set it up, which I was in quite a bit places that in two thousand seventeen having a very good. Jesus going, ten podiums when it change the car last year, I felt like as all the experience I had from the previous year, like had thrown out the window out of the batteries that sessions, they had of trying to reliant, what not experiencing gale washer worked since I was driving. Those are ups bowl and we were doing that in his and none of it was working. So it wasn't until, like kind third of last year. Where it kind of threw out the window released scratch kind of teach myself in the drive or the fact that you were able to adapt. I mean there are a lot of drivers out there. That would be kind of lost to be able to, you know, or to require to do that kind of an adjustment. So that's I think feather in your cap, nNcholas Latifi from Montreal drives the number six for dams racing in the formula, two championship are. Opportunity to speak with him across Canada on the race line radio network. Talk about this team have been around probably thirty years or pretty close. You think about.

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