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What is this and they all troop down the tunnel into the darkness to this to the sombre tones of michael stipe on a i'm like okay nos twenty years since princess diana died tragically in a car crash the next thing they do is they play candle in the wind the elton john version which he sang at her funeral and they played as loud as they can in the stadium i'm like what is going on here a cousin was on an watching espn you have the life feet and so you see maltese players warming up to and it seems to me live effect incredibly probably a lot of english people touching saw yeah so what happens next i'm thinking they should just stop play music now stop play music they've got the torn wrong they've got everything wrong what happens dares pozzi so what just incredible why could merely illegal who is dj ing in that stadium tonight here all over the place so strange it was one of those bizarre international moments where i'm like i don't want the qualifiers ever to end because it just throws up this weird stuff from around the world i am what else do we mentioned argentina drew new with uruguay in montevideo so that was interesting and khanna mall qualifying last night so with that argentina remain currently in that fifth spot uplift spot so uh with peru two points behind them also paraguay uh two points behind argentina geno i didn't get to see the game some not gonna make too much comment on it but i did get to see brazil play ecuador uh brazil won't who knows i mean brazil of long since qualified boss m philippi cotino featuring heavily in that one claiming he is healthy coming off the bat yeah i want to know who his what chiropractor is because he did an amazing job but he's not happy because name are came out after it's too and said he was anguished and in a pained moment for his family and himself o j these are the moments that we are reminded of the differences between pro athletes in us like.

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