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You need to be versatile which was a problem at chelsea fa matza and even a problem that has a to a certain extent he wasn't quite doing what murray near once it he wasn't so pressing enough working hard for the team for guessing about being the individual and i think that's not so timidly what marie near looks for in a player he doesn't really like individuals so much yes it's great to have good individuals but ultimately the main joke to play for jobs and marine nearest to work for the team and i think pulpit can still do a lot more on that from id going back in time to last week just a question for you you're a welltraveled mine where does the burn about rank in your favorite venues to visit it is definitely up the in terms of being a superb structure right said last week i stupidly forgot mike how i went to switzerland where it was cold i didn't take a cow on on some madrid under though spain it in february it's very cold at night you took in light a few degrees centigrade so it was called that but the pattern of baby only stadium i've ever been to has heat twos coming down from the roof these huge pizzas as it is if you in a she's ship all basic i've seen the cold though obscene all that smoking doors now in in america and then in the uk so these huge powerful heats is key warm it's a magnificent structure a wrestle a brand new stadium effectively always full and and this the teeth though they do that the mosaic before the game is amazing so it's definitely a that but for me personally the um the center calderon the fullness stadium.

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