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Into the news booth. Let's get the big story with Alison Wyatt. A new report today outlines that a man told Ohio police he stopped a group of people from kidnapping Governor Mike Line While speaking to the media today. The governor said he did not know about this plot but that it is despicable people would try and go around the legal process Debate. Um, tough debate, but we all accept that fact except a few who are out there. The best word ends and that we have elections. Elections decide things and we have court cases and they decide things. There is a process. Pickwell Police say they have forwarded the report now to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, which is the agency that investigates any threats that are made against the governor. There has been more deadly gun violence in Columbus today. Police were called to the White Castle on West Broad Street this morning on reports of a shooting. The general manager identified his 30 year old Amanda Rush was fatally shot inside the restaurant and pronounced dead at the scene. Another employee, he was also injured. Police say they found the suspect, and he had barricaded himself in the bathroom of a nearby gas station. The SWAT team was called in 29 year old marker. Reynolds was arrested and charged with Russia's murder. The US recorded more than 77,600 new Corona virus cases just on Thursday. That is the most ever in one day nationwide. Health leaders in Ohio, meanwhile, are reporting another new record for a single day cases in of Cove in 19 for the third consecutive day. Now in Ohio, Today's update shows 2518 new Corona virus cases that sets a new daily high record and He marks passed the that overall with increase flying colors. for the Last fifth night. straight day. It was a reserved president, You're a one B C that six first he warning exercised weather. unbelievable A severe thunderstorm restraint last Watch night, is in and effect as a for result, much Rasmussen of the listening polls area has tonight him until vaulting around nine PM. to a 51% Showers and approval thunderstorms rating expected today, to move and.

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