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And terms and conditions there's a new push for marijuana reform on the federal level ap's donahue reports mayors from seven cities where the drug is legal have formed a coalition there is an attempt in congress to push through easing a federal ban on marijuana that has the interest of president trump but i probably will it would put control a pot in the hands of states mayors from denver seattle portland san francisco los angeles las vegas and west sacramento say they are sponsoring a resolution at the conference of mayors in boston asking the government to remove cannabis from a list of illegal drugs marijuana has been legalized in one form or another in thirty states i'm ed donahue jerry hopkins prolific music journalists who co wrote a million selling biography of the doors that oliver stone adapted into a feature film has died hopkins died of heart failure june third and bangkok his longtime residents he was an early contributor to rolling crayfish is cooking in berlin the city tries to read its waters of the invasive animal the crustaceans are indigenous to the southern us and mexico they likely introduced into the german capital's ecosystem a few years ago after aquarium pets with dumped until local rivers the population has boomed over the past two years after particularly mild winters louisiana crayfish has been crowding out the native adult crabs crayfish population and has also introduced a fungus commonly known as the crayfish plague last year the city caught and destroyed four thousand of their louisiana crayfish an introduced eagles and natural predators e to allay could but still was enabled to slow the onslaught overwhelmed by the numbers berlin's wildlife commissioner turn to the private sector he granted some fishermen exclusive licensed to collect as many of the crustaceans as they could and sell them to local restrooms they catching on quickly at some of the city's hippies venues and have acquired the nickname bill in lobster for their bright red appearance when cooked when we know how to eat lean never agree on where to go burgers pizza talk as it is the one thing we do.

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