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Show was founded platform to bring business professionals together to connect educate and collaborate to start the franchise community and those considering franchise ownership today. We have an exciting emerging franchise. Brands is disrupting a tried and true. Bit sofala in the automotive industry. I would like to welcome. Our guest. kosta catholic helped me out. There cost to have our say your last name droplets analysis. Thank you and and cost is the ceo and president of kosta oil. Ten minute oil change very heavy on the show cost. Welcome happen very happy to be on. Yeah absolutely and i also would like to welcome michael. Jill brooke a development director. It's brand company or brand up. Co i should say who is working with cost to grow the franchise system and brand welcome. Michael thank you. I'm excited to be with you today. You know guys. As as a franchise consultant. I frequently share with clients who are considering franchise that they're really to spies the business equation to deeply understand and take into consideration. One side of the business equation is getting a full understanding of the actual business model. How it was founded. The industry. the financials the day in the life as an operator and the refinement of those proven methods of operation that perspective branch. iv is ultimately lighting the rights to the other side of the business equation is understanding the franchise growth strategy. What are the plans to take the business model. And the brand and grow itch through a franchise strategy. Obviously it's very important to get a good understanding of the franchise or franchisee. Recruitment and growth plan. the franchisers training and support of franchisees the franchise leadership The philosophies our culture so there's a lot to learn about on both sides of this business equation when anyone is considering a franchise business model. What excites me about. Today's show is that we have both of you on the show is gas and you represent both sides of that equation I'd like to go ahead and get my cam My listeners introduced to yale You are the ceo and president Console oil international inc. How a little bit about your background. So i grew up in maine and i ended up in maryland..

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