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The question was actually not even about sergino desk. So it was about the other young guy. So I get, I get what he's doing. And then he named half of the rest of the team. Before he got to death, that everybody played well. So I'm not buying it. What I do love though is it'd be very easy for a young player, especially young player to pack it in. The coach doesn't like me. It's whatever. I'll probably have another team wait. Lined up. And he does have other teams lined up. We know this will have other teams lined up. And he didn't do that. Sergino dest may be a lot of things. But he's not quitting. He's not quitting on Barcelona, and he seems to me like he wants to prove his worth to chave. So take it for what it's worth, but do I buy the one 80 that shabby is trying to sell us? No, not for one bit. You know, I think also maybe I don't buy necessarily that shavi was the one driving the dust out narrative at Barcelona. I feel like that's more a boardroom level thing because we all know and we've said it on this show before. So genio dust because he's a right back because he's pretty good because he's American. Has a value. Barcelona's story, the narrative around the club is nothing more than a money story right now. They need money. So I think that was the get dest out narrative that we were hearing. If he's anything of a decent coach, he's not going to come in in a couple of weeks sentence a talented, valuable asset to the bench. And to not ever be able to let's not be naive enough to think that shabby didn't have his ear to the ground for Barcelona and already have the lay of the land. Like he knew exactly what he was getting into, who the players were, et cetera, et cetera and he is surging your desk a Ronald cuman type of guy. Do you think at least dust is potentially changing, Chavez's opinion? Like, I mean, at least he's starting over Danielle of us. There was a one point where when Daniel bus is out of him, you're saying 38 38 years old in a red card. Yeah. Yeah. All right, let's run it back. There was some great place from Americans, and.

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