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Was really far the cab i keep from the stand of the cab and i was like this is taking way too much time spoke deep yeah here's the problem speeder stinks well when there's no people though accused they should've picked the place that was better theater wrestlemainia i mean we're on the williamsburg bridge essentially what could we have done differently for near city let's down to old people canceled why don't you guys me fucked then just have us come out two years ago but it was fucking packed on sold background is way way parody of us yeah people but i doubt any of anyone in their audience you know had sweet kidney story we all we all got our own strengths there so my real s bitching god's way girl version zaka meco awful that would be sacking biko would be off yeah that's what we should we should have books aca go just come out here and like staple shitsu himself yeah put a q tip and his dick whole just the crowd seven per cent of the money we make on this gig i don't know we're doing a live my wife hates me podcast tuesday it's almost sold out at two hundred tickets on no that's there's your answer because you're alive my wife hates me and we have you know major marriage counselor bobby kelly who he's he's figured it out bobby it's the pound i tell you i feel terrible also i happen to know me and diana fucking left a wrestlemainia party to haul ass here to make it so they didn't they didn't miss getting a seat a front.

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