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Me a cat moving in with a new human it took a little getting you still she sees weird game she likes to play like this giant fathur she stick seat in my face i swat it away she sticks it in my face i swat it away it's almost like she thinks i enjoy it let's see how much front she gets out of it well i can it makes and all were sent him heads a person is the best thing to happen to a shelter pet be that person adopt brought to you by the ad council and the shelterpetprojectorg oh back out to the roadways and we are following this horrible accident that occurred on the eu shor free eastbound eighty right near ashby about seven o'clock this morning a big rig hit the guardrail on the shoulder flipped onto its side it came to rest in the two right lanes debris in the lanes of traffic as well and this has been a very bad backup backed up to i hercules now eastshore freeway eastbound eighty as you at you take that trip from hercules and all elserino all the way down toward m rebels just really rotten matteroffact it's a traffic alert and there's no telling when the lanes of traffic will become lately reopened eastbound eighty right after this sterling street acts that got a broken down car and the right lane of traffic so watch for that also reports of a stall west eighty at the treasure island onramp it looks like a brokendown cars while but no lane information on that one north one a wide injury accident at the hell your avenue on ramp the the left lane on the ramp blocked there someone may have had a medical emergency there and north eight ad at the 23rd avenue on wrapped you've got an accident that occurred a while ago but it's still off on the side waiting for a tow truck southbound 280 right at southbound highway seventeen an accident there as well.

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