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And make it a year of audible originals, best selling audio books, popular podcasts and more. Start listening free with the 30 Day trial at audible dot com David said Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes looking at the four day forecast gonna be mostly clear. Very cold tonight, Lou near zero in some suburbs around eight for the city sunshine, mixing with clouds Sunday not as harsh high 25 partly cloudy that night Gonna be cloudy on Monday, becoming windy snow begins in the afternoon high 35 like we've been talking about That is when The nor'easter kicks in snow intensifying Monday night into Tuesday, looking at accumulation of 6 to 10 inches, sleet and rain convicts in along the coast. Wind gust 40 to 50 Miles an hour. Low visibility, power outages, dangerous travel conditions and temperatures for Tuesday around 35. Right now, it is 20 degrees of feeling like five blue sky over Boston or 15. Live local and fiercely independent. This is WBZ news radio. Good afternoon. I'm Madison Rodgers. Here. The five things you need to know at 4 15. Again six inches to a foot of snow expected Monday into Tuesday. Right now, bitterly cold temperatures have AH weather emergency declared in Boston warming centers are open until 6 P.m. interstate youth hockey now banned in New England and New Jersey until at least April 1st. Two alarm fire at a home in Blackstone leaves one person dead. The death of a black fire official in ST Peters, Missouri, the sparking new concern about higher death rates among African Americans. Relatives say Central County Fire.

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