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So. When did the idea to seriously start writing a series of crime novels. i begin. that's a great question. And i can actually pinpoint it to two thousand and four I had Not really written a lot in my first couple of years on the job. Because i'm was learning the job and i was a patrol officer and i wrote my first police novel or a draft of it I wouldn't share that draft with anybody was pretty horrible but it ended up being what became my first book eventually but then i didn't write really any fiction for quite some time because i was going back to school When used that college fund than i got in the army to a degree in history. And then i was learning a new job. Every couple of years as a trade off certain. The now is a corporal. Detective sergeant and there's a ton of writing and learning and all of that so wasn't until two thousand and four when my career kind of held steady at sergeant for a few years and i had a position for three years. I was in the whole time. That i could finally look up from what i was doing and say you know maybe i can write again and the reason that happened was i met my friend colin conway through mutual friend and he was doing the same thing he was starting to ride again. And so we kind of collaborated on you. Know pushing each other and read each other stories and helping each other and and like any other interest when you share with somebody and they're excited about it if fueled your own enthusiasm and so that's where it really took off. I started writing. Short stories picked up the novel again and and was shocked at how horrible it was. Because my memory was great you know and you know revised it and ended up becoming the first published book on aware. The books give us a brief overview of the river. City crime novel series. It's it's up to six books now. actually And it starts in under a raging moon and The the river city series is. It's a it's a police procedural series which means there's some focus on how police do things And the each one of them has a you know a complete story arc within it but then the on samba cast of characters. Continue through throughout the series For example the first one under original moon in it. There's a serial rubber who's hitting convenience stores and becoming progressively more violent. And you know the patrol officers have to try to catch him before e- ends up taking anyone's life that's the first book and it focuses solely on the patrol officers There there aren't any detectives in that book. Which isn't very common usually. Detectives are what get featured in police fiction. But i couldn't help myself in. Of course by the second book euros often fail then. Detectives come onto the scene and In part of the the story going forward and so each of the characters age and time passes and so forth that the series begins in nineteen ninety four and the sixth one that just came out in august place of wrath in tears. is In two thousand and We're they end up. Two dozen into i think as where ended up setting it so i'm trying to catch up to today with the series hopefully will eventually in terms of the birds. How much of. It is based on your experiences during your time as a police officer. Well much like The choice three sixteen series with calling. Conway which is also a police. Procedural the river city series has none of the flavor and the texture and little little bits and pieces of garnish That are very directly drawn from for my law enforcement experience but it doesn't contain Actual events are actual people So i sounds like a bit of a maybe those two things. Don't go together. Maybe they conflict a little bit but You know there might be a character that has a tiny bit of this character in a tiny bit earlier the vat person and a little bit of this person and something you know this guy said one time and then i learned from her and and so forth. But you couldn't directly point back and say. Oh yeah. this character. is that character. With a couple of exceptions. That are are very open secrets but other than that. It's it's it's more the flavor and texture of the experience Rather than a one to one Event to fiction sort of equation away from rivers. It's the unarguable number of other publications as well. Yeah the one. I mentioned the co Charlie three sixteen series is another procedural series that i wrote with with colin conway. We had not really worked together for quite a while the neon he he the idea of charlie trie sixteen to me. They wanted to work on it together. And and so for the last Three years we've written These four books That concludes the art concludes in a book. Called code for that just came out And in that one we we explorer Canada darker side of policing and politics and and the concept of Although shades of gray and and you know what point is it more black than white. You know more dark than than than Light and We explore Ideas of of of race ideas of of corruption Inserting the ideas of justice in that in the ad series And i've written other series as well written a first person private investigators series. I've got a series of Harder edged from the criminal point of view books the spo compton series and Really if unless you're cozy reader. I've got something in the world that you'd probably interested as well as books. The podcast a role plays right crime. Tell us about it. That's where i'd like to interview other crime fiction authors most of the time And talk about their work and on the future episodes which are longer we of go a little further stray Originally it was a one hour show once a month and the idea was that I kind of wanted to show where had the feel of that. Let night long drive. On a desert stretcher freeway click on the radio. And here's somebody the. Oh hey. I know that guy and they talk about the book that you know but then maybe end up talking about whether aliens exist are in our whatever you know. These things can go a little far field and then loop back around into the The mystery Book that the person wrote And that went really well. It's on the fourth season coming up on one hundred episodes but the reason there's so many episodes now is because after about a year and a half. I wanted to talk to more than nine people a year because was taken summers off and the only way to do that and still be able to write was to to do some shorter episodes and so about once a week during the season There's an open shut episode. That's maybe fifteen to twenty minutes long and that gave me an opportunity to talk to a lot of different writers about a lot of different things in to meet new people that i wouldn't have otherwise mad or to you. Know bring friends of mine on that that you know could talk about their books and Always as. I'm sure you know you get the opportunity to to make friends in in strengthen friendships accident and certainly in e sco times that we've been in for the last year you.

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