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The suburban collection showplace in Novi Michigan at U. S. senator Gary Peters took a torque man talks with WSJ's about Fisher looking very good it's very impressive how they've been able to transform a convention center in zero basically on a field hospital type of set up complete with piping for oxygen and all those kinds of things necessary to treat the the co that nineteen patients and a two hundred and fifty beds are will be in there in the next few days and ready for operation in winter they expect that to open and who will they be treating how do you the it'll be open the the next step you will still be treated are folks who don't need to be an intense on a care unit still need to be monitored that need to be separated them and have some nursing care so this is basically some of the overflow from our hospital so you should they restrict the passivity and can't handle any more patience it's a place of her folks to go to continue to get treatment as they recover you've been working to get more personal protective equipment for health care workers in Michigan how is the need at this point and how is it going to get more those supplies to the state well we still need more personal protection equipment for the folks on the front line are medical professionals are doctors nurses all medical technicians and need to have more gear we're in a by then on the phone every day you might get more of that equipment into Michigan it is coming in but we still have a ways to go to feel comfortable that we have sufficient supplies okay have a positive note we've got a number of manufacturers around the area that are now starting in order to make personal protection equipment we certainly heard it now announcements from our big three automakers for GM Chrysler making mascot also talked to a number of auto suppliers that are also now starting to gear up for making a basket for personal protection so that's all very encouraging news it does take awhile for that to come fully online and get those supplies so in the meantime we need to continue to bring your own personal protection equipment from other parts of the country for quite frankly right now FEMA's buying an awful lot of that from countries around the world and slide it into the United States and we're trying to get as much of that as we possibly can directed here into Michigan how's the ventilator supply in Michigan well then later supply seems okay now but again we want to make sure we have sufficient supplies were always up preparing for a surge in concern about that once again we've got companies are ramping up production of of ventilators of both of Ford and General Motors for example and when those come online we're gonna see a lot more in the way of analyzers coming into hospitals across the the country but in the meantime we've got to continue to make sure we have a sufficient supply your Michigan sugar a search continue I I will say on a on a positive note at least the last few days of losses therefore we've seen the number of cases of unicorns slow and then some days actually decrease those are all very encouraging signs of we're certainly not out of it yet we need to continue to maintain the social distancing the restrictions in terms of staying at home and not going out was absolutely necessary but that well hopefully other trouble hopefully continue.

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