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Worth millions and millions and millions of dollars. And so once you've been in the business long enough, you just got kind of a pipeline of these things people keep coming back to you there. Investors who buy and sell their companies that have big league. Is that they have to do that you've been working with them for fifteen years and every five or six years they come back around to renew the lease. And so you build a book of business so very early on you make no money like it's east you're fighting to make rent, but if you can stay in it long enough, and you do a good job of of a of acquiring book business, you're going to be very rich over the long. And so one of the things that all these rich guys in commercial real estate will do is a building will come up for sale. And they'll be the first ones to know about it. Because the guy will come to them to help themselves build it, and they will take a look at the numbers, they're putting the package together. And if the numbers look really good, they will go out to all the other real estate agents at the firm and say, hey, we're gonna buy this building together and the buying a hundred thousand dollars, and that will give you a whatever's five percent stake in the business a two million dollar. Building as a five percent stake or whatever in in the billing. And so, you know, if you if you want in you've got until this day to get your money. And so they have opportunities to invest in real estate that other people don't have access to an it was the first time. I guess the first time I saw the Email Ford. I was like what? And I asked about I said you can do that. I had never occurred to me that if you wanted to buy two million dollar business or two million dollar building or ten million dollar building yet like have enough money to put down for the down payment to buy ten million dollar building. And now we all come in. We all pitch in together. And we buy this thing. And that way not one of us has to has to invest too much money. We can take small incremental investments in a lot of different properties spread load. Our risk rather than dumping all of our eggs into one basket was the first time I ever I was in my in my early twenty my mid twenties. So it was the first time I've ever heard that. And it was mind blowing to me like really, that's that's fantastic. I didn't realize you could do that. As those of you who are looking at real estate. But you gotta wanna dip your toll in the water and. Maybe go and find three or four guys who kind of in your same boat. They don't get a lot of money to spend. But they got a little bit and say him, I'm thinking about investing in some property wondering if you maybe wanted to come in with me, we could own it together that we none of us have to put up too much money. We can all take a small financial interest in it, and we can all reap the benefits, and you create yourself a little partnership that you can invest in. These are all things that you can do to spread low your risk into a variety of different areas, especially in the areas that you may not be terribly confident in and you might want to try and dip your tone and start learning about what you don't wanna make a huge financial investment. You just have to start thinking outside the box yet to realize that the.

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