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Not call you at all my character. She didn't they weren't into it as much. They liked hanging out having a good time and kicking back with her friends but really wasn't a big deal for them. That was one of my first First real experience with what. I consider casual gamer. I had annoyed the piss out of me. It's really kind of fucking mad at him because you guys reckon this for everybody else. Oh my gosh you reckon this my buddy jay at the time I don't know if i j listens to his periodically in. I don't know if he's if you'll catch this. But i remember jane. I have in this conversation one time as like well. You're running game brett just to make the game about the characters of the people who are always here well. Yeah because you're the guy says don't give a shit anyway. They're just they're they're basically you know. Npc's that people show up randomly. Play anyhow fucking. Yeah that's a cool idea. Let's do that. So for whatever reason being i am that hit me and when i did that i changed my my thought. I gave the just call the more dedicated group a little bit more to chew on l. At the casual folks. Just be casual. They go up this last five sessions. So what happened. Oh wow holy fuck dragon man. I wish i had made that one. What's going on now. Gares philemon and move on treated like extras film type of thing. When was your first time that you encountered a the casual gamer sean. School for you or yesterday or right. Yeah trying to think. Because i think most of the people that i've played with over the years are dedicated. I'm trying to try there there is. There is one that i could probably think of that is hit or miss. It was one of those. Why are they going to be here. I'm not sure. I don't know and and we'd never do and that happened. Worry during the During the two women islay she game. My buddy does that. He like disappeared like literally. Just like poof. Gone can't find him doesn't respond doesn't show well not you know. Not driving down his house and economic door every day to see what's going on either. I figured life happened. And he just didn't want to let people or some. I don't i don't honestly don't know and to me it's kinda you know whatever it goes back to. Hey if you're not wanting to play that's okay. Just let me know. And for some reason people don't do it for whatever like for whatever reason whether are adverse to conflict or are like genuinely. I'll have time to explain. And i feel as if i bring it up. I got to explain. I'm just gonna go on mary way and do something different. Which is this fade to black. And they'll move on to move on and that was. I just hope that they're doing okay. Like i don't want anything to happen to him or anything so so i don't think i get a lot of casual gamers however eve but if i were doing like an organized play more we used to do baron games or it's like it used to be similar to what adventurously league is. Now you go to a game store post on the site. I am running. These of the three of us are running these different modules. People would show up or not. Those were. i would say see kazan. They could be dedicated but casual. Or they're like. I don't want that adventure right. That's a little more right. You'd be choosier with that type of setup the main thing anything thing that brought this to my mind john was when you were talking about game groups what we're having fun doing or struggled with or problems I think sometimes it comes almost down to that. It's almost like the sessions zero thing in a way where we're at one point table stakes show up on time. Do this system that. Got me thinking about this idea. And i'm like you know if. I want to game at a certain levels too strong away if i have a pond for this again in trouble using the word level so if you say well i kind of gave a higher level than new university. Just put somebody down right. It's like it's like the term series it has like i say higher. No i'm not saying you did. I'm just saying fringe effort. Level apple will say that's higher. Yeah and it has a connotation to it and it kids can some folks in find it offensive. And i dig that. Yeah but if you game differently or you're like look man. I really poor. This is my hobby. I'm always happen every time and watch a movie. I'm thinking about this shit. I started a podcast with my friend. And we're we do this shit all the time. I need to make sure that if i have occur folks on playing with and see more. I can't we you know we can't play this month. That'd be like what are we supposed to two weeks or every week and we went to two weeks and i can't play this month tickets. It's tough game it can be. It can be disappointing. It's the right. Yeah it's it's expectations setting. I'm gonna go mow the lawn. i'm too busy. I don't wanna do modal lawn and work on my car like you know i thing at work. I'm going to go get code work. I'm gonna. I volunteered to work volunteer to work overtime. All else to play your game. I'm going to do something. I absolutely hate and bitch about every week. I have to do laundry. what why why would you. What really exactly so wanna get your though. Is that that that disconnect can be a big fucking wedge. Your group it really. Can i thought about it more. And i remember in my home group. I've had people come and go over the years and one of the reasons that those who have gone have gone is because they are they did not have the same dedication we did and that was look. We're gonna game for while. There was once a month breath coming back from madison a show. We're gonna game eight hour session. Boom boom we're gonna do this now. It morphed how how we game or how often but took a bit. There was some people like well. I can make it a can't make it in finally got the point. Look if you don't make three months you've done we're going to keep inviting you because the rest of want keep going still like you your friend there around you but if you don't have the same it's the same weekend last weekend of every month it's been that way for five years if you can't make it we don't want to play anymore say something but anyway that level of dedication there's a door but that level dedication if you if it's different amongst your group it can be kind of a pain even from the players perspective towards a game master. I have known people that say debtor. Very dedicated gamers carla time. They're always ready to game. They wanna show up to play in their gay masters of flake. Right where that person who's running the game we're supposed to be there can't show up is always too busy forgets. The schedule doesn't know how to you know they're like hey i'll i'll schedule stuff. We can do this. We can do that. And the and that person is just independent. The game you're running. That's the one person you gotta have some time. At one time. I forgot we were gaming that day in the guys who are like texting me remember that aaliyah right up on the show like are you like what do you mean. Where am i in my home. Where are you like.

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