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All about the greatest reality-tv and pop culture happenings from today yesterday. And tomorrow. Welcome to the fanny. Pack in the words of Bethany Frankel. It's time to mention it all without further ado for this week in reality TV and celebrity news we had to say goodbye to alleged. A Hollywood legend is gone. Mr Fred Willard passed away over the weekend and it's just so sad looking through his catalog of movies. It's insane what the man had done in his lifetime. Some of my personal favorites were best in show and waiting for Guffman. He was also in. This is spinal tab and anchorman. The wedding planner. Oh my gosh. One of my favorite stone or movies Harold and Kumar. Go to White Castle so classic another one. How high do you remember that old movie? Roxanna from eighty seven with Steve Martin. Oh my gosh. So Good Austin powers and that just scratches the surface so goodbye to Fred. Willard we lost a legend speaking of legendary. I have to talk about last week's real housewives of Atlanta virtual reunion. These zoom reunions are amazing. I mean WHOA. We have just got the greatest content from them to for to giving it to Porsche. I think Porsche was the MVP of both reunion episodes so far. Looks like there's going to be more than three. Because they're billing this weekend's as the third whereas if I thought it was blast when they would say the final but they didn't so anxious to see how that plays out one thing I loved about. This week's is another. I last week we had our first quote unquote walk-off when meany slammed her computer. This time me and candy be got themselves muted which is so funny that they muted our girl candy on Atlanta on Sunday night and on Monday realized that our girl can be who had just gotten muted. Just won a singing contest on TV SO CANDY. Boras was the two thousand twenty masked singer she was against she was in the top two with Jesse McCartney and she was just a lovely little thing she was the night angel. My mom is obsessed with the mass singer and my mom had been thinking it was candy for the last couple of weeks so and she also thought that the Jesse McCartney character was Nick Carter so I mean between candy and Nick. How low signed me up so I actually watched the episode before the finale and truly thought it was nick. I need to dig into the catalog of Jesse McCartney. Obviously if I got that many nick `ISMS FROM HIM. He's got to be doing something right. So congrats to candy. I love that. And how is it that she gets awarded for singing the day after she got it some? Oh my how I love all this craziness also on Monday. We learned that the Vander pump rules editor. Who's been in the news lately? Herself Breed dellinger was fired. She admitted to giving Sheena some shady at it. I listened to the podcast that she ended up getting getting fired for and truly it didn't sound a lot of the stuff sounded like it was in good fun but there were a couple of super fucking problematic things that she said like wanting to make vander porn page using Sheena clips not cute and oh the whole thing with Nicholas brother. Yeah that was. Intentional is shit and the fact that she lost endorsements off of that is not fucking cool also definitely glad that there were some repercussions for Brie. I'm not a fan of canceled. Culture and firing people rather than having some sort of Progressive Disciplinary Plan of action is Kinda ridiculous and I read breeze letter and I copied the letter before it was taken down Before she took it down so you can look for that on on this day. Entertainment DOT COM. If you WANNA read the letter in its entirety but her defending her actions honestly thought the letter made her sound even worse than she did going in. But that's just my opinion also on Monday we got some bad news from Beverly Hills nine. Oh two one. Oh Star. Brian Austin Green. Mr David Silver. The hunk of all hung's he and his wife. Megan Fox of course from confessions of a teenage diary or confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Gun Kelly. Who guesses a rapper? Well it looks like there was some sort of love triangle brewing between the three of them which kinda sounded random on thinking about is. Shouldn't we be social distancing? I don't think the machine gun. Kelly is roommates with Brian. Austin Green and Meghan fought so. Why are they out and about together? That's where my mind is so I posted this on instagram. And the amazing fanny. Pack members on Instagram had some really interesting points to this love saga so apparently Megan Fox and machine gun. Kelly are filming a movie together. And it just happens. Be directed by Mr Randall. Emmett law hence boyfriend the movie producer. Who has worked with Al Pacino and real actors anyway? Oh there was one more little piece of gossip a little back story if I may another bravo tie in so the first one was compliments of at Bravo fan girls. So thank you for the Randall. Emmett connection and this is for my girls Schuyler at the pop binge. She said the other Bravo tie in. Is that Jeff? Lewis and machine gun. Kelly our neighbors and they've had beef. Apparently it's been cleared up. But all I know is of this sound so old here but machine gun Kelly. All I know about him or if few he was. I think put on the map. Like by mainstream America with the feud with EMINEM. And that's pretty much all I know about this guy so wow going straight into Tuesday. We learned the Brian. Austin Green and Megan Fox formally announced their split here. Really say you're surprised after yesterday's news it was like a band aid. They pulled it off for Narayan even said he could see them getting back together in the future. Who knows maybe quarantined together? Made them crazy. I don't know but we are just getting so much baby news and so many splits. Well we have a new relationship alert for southern charm. Bachelor shop rose. He made his new relationship. Instagram official. So best of luck to shop. Maybe we'll see this woman on our screens. I don't know all this southern charm drama going on between so many cast members leaving. I have an update on the Kathryn. Dennis Racist Monkey Mogi Saga coming up later so we shall see some good Hollywood news. I'm very excited about this queen. Mindy Kaeling has announced that she is writing this screenplay for legally blonde three because quote elwood's is so iconic. I couldn't agree more and in a world of remakes things just constantly giving rebooted remade. I love that. We're taking one of our favorite characters and continuing her story. So I'm absolutely here for that. Even though I enjoyed legally blonde two it was nothing compared to the first one. The first legally blond is everything. Oh in more good relationship news. We're going from shop and his new lady now. We have an announcement. This is good news for Meghan King. Edmonds she has a new boyfriend. Of course Meghan used to be on the real housewives of Orange County. She was on for a few seasons. We know her keen detective skills from the Brooks cancer scam who we have gotten so much for. Meghan over the years. I'M A fan. I would love to see your back on my screen. Especially after. She found out that her husband Slash Vivid Daddy. His name asshole face. Jim Admits he's a former baseball player and fulltime douchebag. He was inappropriately texting a woman. The day Meghan Burst tis twins. They have three children together. He's been just a complete asshole through this whole split. It's been very embarrassing. Imagined for Meghan. Just glad to see she's doing okay. Ooh and Ruposi drag race. I feel like Bravo and Rupaul. Maybe because it's like two shows are to two brands. If I may that I follow very closely I just feel like Bravo has given us so much and I feel like Rupaul has given us so much as well. We are getting a whole new leg of programming from repulsed drags coming to America including drag race. Canada which is going in the same style is repulsed drag race America and while the UK the UK is amazing. And you need to watch it so Canada's drag race's coming. There's going to be a show called. How's Your Head Hon? And it's going to be. I'm going to say very ninety day. Fiance Quarantine style as far as it. Just GonNa have fish elvas inside look on quarantine live. It's going to focus on her husband her teenage daughter and her boyfriend. It just seems like it's going to be kind of like a one camera kind of thing just to pass the time but it's Michelle visage. Sign me the hell up. And lastly work the world the DOCU series is coming back for another season and it has some really great names. Aquaria Asia. O'hara Detox Cameron Michaels. Miss Van Moneo Exchange. Naomi smalls and oddly. And can I get an amen? I saw may only Miss Banji Cameron and Asia in Vegas at drag race live show and wow they put on one hell of a show so I am super excited about work the world. How's Your Head Hon? Of course drag race Canada. Bring it on. If you have not gotten into the rupaul franchises. Seriously get yourself involved. It is the best programming. I describe it as a cross between America's next top model project runway idol unlike an Improv show an Improv and stand up almost as far as being able to create not stand up and just being able to create characters on the fly. Doing lots of Improv. I mean you really need to be able to be a performer. But also a creative mind designer. Oh It's just oh and it's all drag Queens. So honestly does he get any better. They answer is no. The answer is no who moving onto Wednesday. We got an interview finely from Kelley Henderson. Kelly Henderson used to be best friends with Kristin Cavallari of course from Very Lori and of course classically from Laguna beach and the hills. Well Kelly spoke out on the split between Kristen and Jay. She said that it had nothing to do with her. And the man in the bracelet there was a big scandal. Online people were questioning who the person was in a picture with Kelly on instagram. It was of them drinking enjoying a night outdoors looking at nature and the man was wearing a kid like colorful beaded bracelet. Much like Jay Cutler does of course the Internet went crazy accusing her saying how thirsty she is which she is but she went on the record she went on a podcast and she said that her boyfriend has that bracelet so I still think she was thirsty for posting that. But I really at this point. I don't think it was Jay Cutler but that's just me can't wait to hear what you think on. Thursday oh I loved going back and revisiting the story two guys remember. How much fun fire festival was I mean? Obviously not if. You're one of the people who wanted to go to fire festival but boy. I mean the Netflix Hulu special. I enjoyed every second of this scandal. That was businessman. I never remember his name. In job. Rule were organizing this big outdoor lavish upscale festival for the most elite on this beach in the Bahamas. It was a scam and many many many of the people that were involved with the festival ended up getting lawsuits. Put ON THEM. Because the people of the town so many investors needed who paid back people had worked. The townspeople had worked. Make this festival huge success and they had gotten caught as well Kendall. Jenner's case was recently settled. She was ordered to pay ninety thousand dollars back which somebody in the facebook group said. That was lunch money for her which is absolutely true and keep in mind. She was paid two hundred seventy five thousand dollars to endorse the festival. Back in two thousand seventeen even paying back ninety k. She still made one hundred eighty five thousand dollars to post on social media. So did she win after all absolutely. I'm just going to say this like if I was in that situation which is a dream. Come true anybody who would like to sponsor this podcast. Pleased you feel free.

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