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And intimidation occur in various forms and cam sway the results in a local geo p campaign office volunteer sara grace has trump supporters in and date her with complaints about sign's being stolen and replaced overnight in entire neighborhoods they get a bad with tampa bay wake up recovery district attorney sets william says his building fraud team won't tall a rate and the illegal activity at the polls we run election task force in a non carson wayne terry back neto cbs news philadelphia new details have emerged in a court filing in the case of harold martin the and i say contractor accused of stealing american secrets cbs apollo read the department of justice has a real but martin's trolled of information included the names of intelligence officers operate under cover outside the us prosecutors say martin has put the officers an operations and risk in a sharp setback for the government on oregon jury has acquitted seven people who are involved in the armed occupation of a national wildlife refuge back in january after the verdict there was chaos in the court romo in the attorney for group leader ammon bundy angrily demanded his immediate release on the judge refused group supporter shauna cox i mean there was like eight of them on him and they taste them yeah and am they'll get that how are you and they did it or not this is not bundy's still in custody because he faces charges in a nevada case not a north dakota where protest against an oil pipeline got out of hand one hundred forty one people were arrested world was you're not really it was tough and it was attempts police move forward to take over makeshift can and protesters would attended police to really clubs mays and weapon in the middle of it all activist we are come going on trouble to keep the people and you can win against no no se when you know when but is going to battle spurs neither shows a new saw giving very peterson cbs ruins near accountable to play it's four minutes after the hour you're only run with a message.

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