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Marco and I were just commenting, about the, only, thing seriously that. Is of major interest regarding a preseason game An exhibition game, preseason game is if somebody, got hurt and you take a look at the New York, football giants with Ingram going out with a concussion and you don't. Know how long, he's going to be gone but you know how, seriously it should, be treated. And is treated so you know is going to be missing. Some time and again no Beckham tonight of course and. And no Barclay either for the New York football giants you're not gonna see either of them until. Week one and the word is that the, giants and Odell Beckham junior are close to a big big deal so if. Anyone out, there. Is thinking that you know he's not going to be plying or he's going to be traded I mean no all, of that as Mike social might say as poppycock because he. Is going to be there for week number one and he's going to be making a lot more money With his new deal so, that's imminent but Evans Ingram got with a concussion so that, is the major news and listen the chamber of commerce might be. Concerned that the giants won over the jets but the bottom line, is that's insignificant, line manning. Look good shepherd look good on the giants they're going Ingram. Isn't going to be out there for opening day now. The giants are going to be missing one of their two or three receivers because a shepherd and. Beckham and if no Evan Ingraham out there, that's a major piece for the New York football giants to lose so that. Is the, most. Significant thing he can we can talk about Darnell we could talk about Leonard Williams the giants with their special teams, that look so good and they dress what they're special All teams coverage looking so bad and and again with the penalties they. Had over ten. Of those were they have eleven or. Twelve penalties maybe thirteen for over one hundred. Yards so I mean obviously the jets work in progress but darnold did look, good the opening drive after that a. Lot of, three, announce so, again then most important thing. Is not really who won the game but who got out of. The game especially the starters working in the first half without anyone getting hurt but Evans Ingram the concussion so that is the, major concern from the, football game one by the giants as you know Yankees one and. Ten the Mets won in nine and your calls. At one eight seven seven three three seven six six six, six and just a quick reminder again and I'm doing, this as much to remind my Sal because on. Monday night, Wednesday night and Friday night yes it is time to take, out that big black bag and with, the New York City's sanitation department at least on my block it's, Monday night Wednesday, night and. Friday night it is time and I'm gonna do it. As soon as I. Leave at two, o'clock this morning and. I get home because the. Truck doesn't combine till maybe between. Three, and, four, AM, so, I, do, have, time. To get myself home and put, out on the curb that big bag of Evan Pick up. My garbage I know that the impact of the events of the last three weeks have had on sister station Station that. I. Love and how challenging this has been for a community our president Emmanuel. Have great respect for for that I'm deeply sorry I didn't pick up your garbage because that is Yes One Aware that I'm responsible for this. Situation That is hard the university as a whole department ethics that are football I want to apologize to Buckeye nation But I'm afraid.

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