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We then got a little verse from Christian Wig. Kristen wig was filming while singing in her gorgeous backyard. It released spans quite a distance behind her so I looked up her house. It's this beautiful like historic architectural gem. In Pasadena. She bought it for two point. Nine six million. That's pretty like low for a celebrity house and let's see it's three thousand four hundred twenty five square feet three bedrooms two point. Five bat has a poolside. Guest House has a gorgeous pool. Hot Tub. I love this house. It's beautiful. I'd love to be quarantined. There it seems very calming would be nice to be kristen. Wake right now frankly. Okay the next person after Kristen. Wag Was Jamie Dornan. You know the guy from fifty shades of grey Christian grey himself saying us a little diddy you know. I couldn't find any pictures of his house. He's just singing his little part in front of a white wall. He's not really showing anything he's not giving us a much you know. I know that he sold his house in. La and he also sold his caught swabs mansion in the UK so he could really be in front of any whitewall. It's truly unclear which Whitewall Jamie Dornan chose to sing in front of Joe Blow. That's a little clip of Jamie singing for you okay. Let's go to the next person scar voice. You just heard. Was this singer called Labyrinth. I had never heard of him until I watched this video. He's a singer songwriter. He's English. He seems cool. I got I don't have much to report about him. Imagine oh up people. That was the beautiful voice of James Marsden. James Marsden is singing in front of a generic green painting in his La home. You know his is so beautiful. I always forget. He's a singer. He was an enchanted. He's a singer. James Martin can saying anyway. His house is really cute. It's like a mid century modern Hollywood hills house. He paid a cute low key. One point eight million for it in two thousand fourteen. When I first saw the video I thought the painting behind him. It was a weird green window but but now I think it's just a weirdly plain. Green painting live.

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