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Lee's? I'm Corwin Hake. How the company is spreading out the H Putu bounty reaction to the Amazon decision and more local and regional news coming up after we check in with ABC news time, eleven o'clock. From ABC news. I'm Scott Goldberg, the Wolsey fire in southern California's coming back to life this hour. That it would be okay to come back to work, and it was the complete opposite. Evacuation orders have been lifted in the area and people were starting to return home when the fire picked up strength as of this morning. Just looking around everything it's simmer down, and we're squared away. The fire had been thirty five percent contained now, it's complicated. In the northern part of the state. The giant camp fire continues to burn it has been blamed for at least forty two deaths. Maryland's top. Prosecutors challenging the appointment of Matthew Whitaker is the new acting US attorney general democrat attorney general Brian frosh argues, the president would around both Justice Department's own succession plan and the constitution by appointing Whitaker says deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein should be named. Instead, many Democrats are calling for Whitaker to recuse himself from the Russia investigation Rosenstein is the former US attorney for Maryland, Phil Yaacob Bosque ABC news. Baltimore more changes could be coming to the Trump administration. President Trump said privately for months, he doesn't believe that homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen is doing enough to enforce. Stricter immigration policies. Just last month. There was a highly contentious confrontation between White House chief of staff, John Kelly and national security adviser John Bolton over increased border crossings sources, tell ABC news. The fight had to do specifically with Nielsen's John performance. Nielsen worked for Kelly when he was the secretary of homeland security, and he has been a forceful defender of her at the White House. Karen Travers, ABC news, the White House Amazon officially announce this morning. It is splitting at second headquarters between two cities Arlington Virginia and New York City in both places the companies receiving billions of dollars in tax incentives airlines are expecting more than thirty million people to fly for thanksgiving starting this Friday officials expect the busiest travel day to be the Sunday after the holiday on Wall Street, the Dow is down thirty six points. Nasdaq is up thirty one. You're listening to ABC news. Stay.

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