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A new city seventy three in Central Park at three forty WCBS. rises end up said said last night's Amin's in LA I'm pretty big surprise came in the category for Best Actress in a comedy series most Emmy predictors thought it would go to Julia Louis Dreyfus and farewell season on Veep instead he goes to British actress Phoebe Waller bridge for her performance in the dark British comedy flea bag bill hater won the Emmy for Best Actor in a comedy series for berry. flea bag wins best comedy series and game of thrones wins best drama series also history was made as the star of the FX drama pose Billy Porter becomes the first openly gay man to win the Emmy for Best Actor in a drama. hotel magnet Barron Hilton who expanded his father's chain and became a founding owner in the American Football League died Thursday at his home in Los Angeles he was ninety one health and served as a navy photographer during World War two and didn't begin working for his father's company until nineteen fifty one after he made his own fortune he is survived by eight children fifteen grandchildren including Paris and Nicky Hilton and four great great grandchildren it's three forty one. the satellite lounge presents. as a box of a greater. let's.

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