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He can explain it better tonight. I can obvious obviously but what it really does. I think his theory is basically like we kind of evolved from these people who were not always in these comfortable situations and so all of this stuff is kind of inside of us basically And we can control our nervous system. It's just it's kind of gotten it's gotten week so it it. It reacts now over the slightest little thing so if we can basically do some training to breathe into uncomfortable situations. It's like exposure. Therapy for your autonomic nervous system i so that's kind of what i've learned To be an it it'll just be this rush of endorsements. How long have you been doing this. I've been doing this. How i wanna say january of twenty really. Yeah really. yeah. And i've i really really really kinda started getting into it once once the pandemic hit because it was kind of You know it was a stressful time. We got yanked off the road. I don't know you know when the next you know paycheck's gonna come don't know when the next you know you don't know when we're going back you know we're the first to go out last comeback so it was. It was a stressful time. You know and so. I had to really kinda just like do all that. I could just check in with myself in kind of put this kind of like know really nude renewed sense of self care routine kind of into my life and that was that was just one of those One of those pieces. Well i'm gonna take your advice. I'm gonna keep at it and if if and And if it all works out for me and i live through the experience. I'm going to credit you with liz. Don't credit off. okay women off. Well thank you so much for being with us David shaw is releasing his first solo album anytime now. Mr shaw joined us here from new orleans I'm gwen tompkins. Thank you so much for spending time with us. It's been a real pleasure. Thanks for having me. This was This is honestly. This is delightful. One of the funnest interviews. I've ever done and i've done a lot. Well thank you. I've had a ball. Thank you so much. I'm going tompkins in new orleans and this is world cafe..

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