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Getting ready for the top of the hour news. We're also getting ready for our Bloomberg market minute. We will get to those momentarily right now. I'll tell you that. I am watching Twitter pretty much nonstop here as I know many Buckeye fans are today. Why why are they watching Twitter so closely today because today the early signing period opens for high school football players who are choosing their colleges and so far seven young men have chosen Ohio State? They are expecting many more. We are watching the top rated recruit in central Ohio. We are watching to see exactly what Zach Harrison out of Olin Tanzi, orange high school does today. But it is a very interesting day to watch Twitter at our own sports director Matt McCoy with some pretty solid advice on his own Twitter account. I know that there will be athletes today who choose schools other than Ohio State, and I know that throughout the country there will be athletes that a lot of fans. Have college teams are looking forward to having come and play for their teams and those athletes may choose other schools, if they do there's no reason to beat those guys up on Twitter, Matt McCoy points that out very eloquently on his own Twitter account. These kids are seventeen or eighteen years old if they make a choice, if they make a choice to go to another school, please please don't be up on Twitter show that you're a little bit better than that show that you're a little bit more mature than that. But it happens every year. It's rather ridiculous to see. What people do in the name of supporting their own school. And it's really it's not necessary. So we're watching it for you. We'll let you know who the very latest Siamese are with Ohio State, and obviously everybody in central Ohio everybody in the state of Ohio is pulling for these guys to choose Ohio State, but not everybody will there is a young man who by the name of Jordan battle who was being heavily recruited by Ohio State. And it has just been announced that he has signed with Alabama. So there you go. That's exactly the situation that I just portrayed for you. Don't beat up Andrew Jordan battle because he has chosen to play football at another school. Everything will be okay. All right. Let's talk now to Patrice Sukur who's at Bloomberg. And I I know we talked about this virtually every time here Patrice but later on this afternoon. The feds will set these interest rates, and so many people are very anxious about. Where those rates might land. Well, we really don't know or looking for what they're calling a dovish hike at this point central bankers expected to raise rates a fourth time this year and ahead of that futures are higher SNP up twenty one point that's eight tenths percent. Nasdaq up fifty two then is also eight tenths percent..

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