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For me. That's like. I was very shocked. Because when i was there you know i wasn't this in the city. Always doing things. And i was so worried that i will study master and another city and i will leave all of them. You know but when i move. I didn't like anything about them and i spend many years with them. You know so. I start to reflect okay. What's their own here. And maybe i'm too excited about the new city but at the same time. No it's. It's not through like this. Because i traveled to many cities and i didn't feel like this so i start to question these relationships but not really questioning in this serious way but just reflect an and then it's fine. Start like to talk to them. Hey i moved here. Look what i'm doing. I got master. I got job and then i moved to another country now from sweden to italy to study made new friends. Same story when i get people that i met in my master also many of them. I didn't miss same what i eat. The lima so many people also like if we become to say and that time. I call them france. You know like oh we do stuff together. We travel to different countries when we moved back. Maybe i just missed one or two of fifty and after many years like it's actually started last year. I started like the really question. This okay wait a minute. What who are these people in my life. So i started to to experiment if this was a good investment from me all the years talking to people checking them you know like helping them so much with finding a job house like because these are like friendship from my side. I say. I need to give whatever i have in order to them to have a good life so i started to question this serious way on did an experiment. I created a new facebook account. And i add all the people that i think didn't care about me and i have not so many much feeling for that do i new account and then the people that i really in touch with an eye they also in touch with me in the one account so two groups of people and i say i will close the facebook with a new people like that. I don't care or they don't care and open dr six-month no i. I open it after one month and see if someone writes me. I did and i'm always you know it's it's close. I'm thinking about. Should i saw a log in and see if people write me then. I waited after one month open. Nobody then i say yeah one month maybe very shorty now. We are not in the same city some of them in the same city. I say six months. Same thing. I've got like i forgot about my facebook account by then. Facebook sent me a message. Then i checked it and nobody wrote me one year. Nobody then i realized okay. What i am feeling is true as that is. I will not toxic or something like this. I will call it like. It's it's not is how i was imagining. It was only me who running this kind of relationship and for them if i there or not. It's the same thing it doesn't matter. I like nobody wrote may not even like sending emoji know even from endure my best. They win facebook announce so yeah. I start to question this..

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