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Alright, McLovin. The impossible trivia question. I think it's pretty hard. Okay, if I get it, you get a pie to the face. Yeah, I don't. I don't think you'll get it. Uh, but it's actually not even that Good. Okay, there have been five. Players who have won the sixth man of the year. Multiple times. Can you name all five, Okay? Uh, Eddie Johnson. See Boom. No, it was a trick off Eddie Johnson. That's why do I would get you guys visit? I even have already shot to Eddie yachts and only what it wants. Somehow you got me because I think they put him in the starting lineup. Uh, Jamal Crawford, one Uh, Did they give it out to John Havlicek? No, they start they started in 81. Okay, um or something like that. Did Kevin McHale when you got to That's Jamal Crawford, Kevin McHale. Alright. Um, Lou Williams. That's three. Oh, Ricky Pierce, that's for all right. So I got to to go. No one to go. Oh, wonder you got four of their 5/6 man of the year and he wanted twice. You want to give a hint? If I take the pie off the table, give your head or Do we want to take the pie off the two? Yeah, that's okay. Okay. Friday. All right? Okay. I don't want to get pie on my new crocs. That's really really That's right. Okay. This guy you would never give you. You never were thought He was a six man. Um okay. You liked you had a funny way of saying his last name on SportsCenter. Dead Love Shrimp? Yeah. All right. I didn't know He was a six minute I thought he started. It was with the Indiana Indiana. Yeah, first half of his crew. Then he became a starter in Seattle. It had no idea I can't believe I got for you made me nervous. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. All right. Uh, can we set on the poll question? Yeah, we put up Katie versus uh, Scottie Pippen, Whose career do you want? Take a guess Who's winning? Who's career do you want? Pretty close. I'll give you a head. I'm gonna I'm going to say the audience will side with Kevin Durant 55% Kevin Durant. Mean, that's closer than what I thought. I mean, Scott is a wonderful player. But if Scotty doesn't play with Michael Jordan, Scottie is not one of the 50 greatest players of all time. Uh, I think he might be the best defender I ever saw. Now, Bill Russell was spectacular with what he did. Scotty could guard everybody. But Bill Russell was spectacular. But Scotty would guard point guards. He could guard wings. He could guard big men. I mean, he was He was as versatile as anybody. He wasn't a shooter. He was his score. Um, he did it. He allowed Michael to freelance a little bit more because he was such a great defender. And I don't want to pile on Scottie Pippen. It's just He's saying things first of all, if I if I read this quote about Phil Jackson, people are focusing on Kevin Durant and Scotty talking about Kevin Durant, Kevin Durant firing back This is what I don't understand. And this to me is a bigger story. In this GQ interview Scottie Pippen was talking about when Tony Ku coach was Told that he was going to get the shot. You know that game on the line, Scotty, you know, then finds out he's not going to take the last shot. And he says the following. I don't think it's a mystery. You need to read between the fine lines. He didn't reentered the game by the way, he went and sat down. It was my first year playing without Michael Jordan. Why wouldn't I be taking that last shot? I've been through all the ups and downs the battles with the Pistons, and now you're going to insult me and tell me To take it out. Take it out of bounds. It was pretty low blow. I felt like it was an opportunity to give Ku coach arise. It was a racial move to give him a rise. After all I've been through with the organization. Now you're going to tell me to take the ball out and throw it to Tony Ku coach. You're insulting me. That's how I felt. Okay, There's one thing to say. That's how I felt. But You're calling Phil Jackson. A racist. Where is the follow up question. Like I got to be incredulous to say Wait, wait. Hold on. You've got other examples of Phil Jackson. What? Why racial Did he just make a smart move to put in Tony to coach better outside shooter? And I would say, Let me give Scotty the benefit of the doubt because the word racial just it's like, I don't know where, but he starts out by saying you need to read between the fine lines. That's where I can't give him. Uh, you know a hall pass here. And if I'm Scotty, I get my butt in front of somebody and say something like, unless you mean it Unless you're saying Phil Jackson is a racist here. I would, I would say, Look, I want to correct this or back it up. But We called for Scotty. If he came on, I'd say All right. Are you calling Phil Jackson a racist? I don't care what his opinion is that Kevin Durant, Kevin Durant and LeBron are not the same wonderful players..

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