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But a big key for almost anybody in this league anymore is how good are your assistance and got some new offensive. Assistant matt cannon. Excuse me matt canada. Who i think is going to be pretty good. Be good for ben. So i think they made great adjustments at the half also the thing about football that makes it different than any other sport. It's big place can turn games around now. Who makes big plays great. Athletes make big plays steelers have some great athletes particularly on defense looking at minka fitzpatrick. I think one of the best safety in the league. Tj white lot. Some guy saying he's the best player in the league quite go there yet. But but he's pretty far up there but they got that bush also. Yeah i that. That team is peppered with some great athletes. And they're gonna make some big plays and ben looked pretty good stuff a lot of questions about that offensive line. But tweed yesterday rumors of the steelers demise have been greatly overrated in there. I think for in the thick of the of the playoff race and once you get in the playoffs. I mean anything can happen. But i think they're they're gonna be right there till the end. We'll talk a little bit more about the ravens when we get there at that point in time but i think this is a good team not a great team but i my my takeaway. Obviously from yesterday was very positive. Pittsburgh is hosting who the ravens are. the raiders. The raiders the raiders. The raiders site on. Should i make a guess here. We've got a lot of numbers. I don't i mean i have no idea four and a half pittsburgh. I almost like your number better but not quite. I see six out there who my power ratings. Come to five and a half which that's that's kind of a leap from five to six five hundred eight show up yesterday on my dies wind guard so a lot of numbers out there that are live. that'd be comfortable in pittsburgh's six. I won't be that comes away there. I expect the raiders who look pretty good and we'll get to that later But i also and i. We had the seminar here on friday. And i talked about the home. Field is almost non-existent home field advantage. So don't win like three and just go home and think that's fine. It's a lot less and the thing about the steelers. Yeah they win a lot at home but they went a lot on the road to you know so i think homefield is my standard number one and a half. I've been saying for years at washington at zero. Yeah something's zero like washington zero jacksonville's zero point washington. I feel like it's better on the road. They might be but i. I don't want to give teams a three point advantage for home field. And that's why i make six is a little too. I'd like. I like five and a half better although probably gonna open six just because i don't want to mess around with it too much before..

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