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The Climate Investigation Center report picks up where they and the Center for Public Integrity left off back in two thousand fourteen and two thousand fifteen in two thousand fourteen. CIC surveyed PR firms in their approaches to climate change and then the Guardian Suzanne Goldberg asked the country's top firms whether whether they would refuse to promote climate dial or to set up front groups and things like that that would ataman one of the first firms to use these tactics on behalf of big oil. L. said it was not something that they were doing but shortly after. That story came out. A Trans Canada memo was leaked. That showed that wasn't true. We got ahold of a leaked eshelman woman. Trans Canada document in later in that year where they showed their entire battle plan for how to get a pipeline that would be the alternative to the keystone in pipeline from Alberta to the Atlantic Ocean and it included all sorts of mercenary tactics. It shows you that these you know public affairs. Here's and PR is much more than advertising that you see on television interview you see a campaign for the you know the new hamburger with French fries on it. That's a that's a different level than a full public affairs campaign for a corporate enterprise or a damage control campaign eh eh. delman had to shun the American petroleum. Institute's money after that but they thought of an easy solution. A Spun Business Unit called Blue Advertising off into its its own business which continued to work for. API last year. That account appears to have gone to a firm in Texas called Jesus and M which produced API's power past impossible campaign. You might have seen the ads for this. During the Super Bowl. Vivid and flashy there's rapid-fire text on the screen listing all the aspects of modern life. That we wouldn't have without oil has a high energy soundtrack to match the website goes along with it and now we're starting to see the different media parts of that campaign. Get into into various media. Outlets Kurtz report found the industry trade groups spend about one point four billion dollars on PR advertising and lobbying from two two thousand eight to two thousand seventeen keep in mind that doesn't include what each individual company may have spent or what either companies or the industry spent dental lobbying in fact a few days after the CCA report came out a UK based group called influence map released. Its latest report which concluded that oil majors have spent about a billion dollars on green pr. Since the Paris Agreement in two thousand sixteen. That report also found that these companies will invest one hundred and ten billion dollars in new fossil fuel production in two thousand nineteen compared to around three point six billion dollars on low carbon technology which includes everything from carbon capture to renewable energy that advertising expand includes a new n pretty insidious form of what people call native advertising or sponsored content is not just running amidst editorial to`real on various publications websites but actually being created by them. The New York Times Brand Studio for example has unveiled major interactive campaigns for both Exxon. and Shell just this year for Exxon. The focus is on the company's algae based biofuels program these vibrant green dots living organisms are algae look closely. Algae grows almost everywhere from rookie ponds to out in the ocean and scientists interest recognized. Its potential to change our energy future. The goal to one day fuel our trucks and buses boats house cars even airplanes with the oil extracted from algae so health far could algae take us. Exxon Mobil is working working with synthetic genomics to figure out the answer with advances in molecular biology the energy from algae Qatar daily lives and lower the carbon emissions from transportation station by twenty twenty five. Exxon Mobil is aiming to have the technical ability to produce over ten thousand barrels of algae based biofuel per day enough to potentially power tens of thousands of cross country flights annually and over. Its life. Cycle this biofuel will admit only about half as much greenhouse gas as traditional fuels. Algae derived fuel could help us meet growing demand while reducing emissions. And it all starts here. That's unexpected expected energy from Exxon Mobil for Shell. The New York Times brand studio created an animated info-graphic alongside. Okay very near time sounding story about how we could get to quote emissions free by twenty seventy never mind that we need to get a lot sooner over the Washington Post The Washington Post brand studio just released its new campaign for the American Petroleum Institute. Its focus natural gas as the solution to a low-carbon future. Every journalist I know gets defensive or even a little angry at the insinuation here you know. There's a division between at and at the say and I do I do. But here's the thing to readers because these have tiny little labels of talk the indicate they're paid posts but otherwise they look sound and read just like the outlets editorial coverage and more often than not they show up right alongside light it so readers see a reported piece on one side of the page oftentimes a report a piece on climate or renewable energy and then they see something about excellence new. Algae biofuels uh-huh fuels right next to it. It's probably not a coincidence that these things started appearing right around the time that newspapers stopped doing the whole false equivalency thing on climate change and letting climate deniers have say just like oil companies helped to invent the OP. Ed and the adver to`real back in the seventies and eighties. They've they've invented this new form of communication to make sure that they can get their voice heard and have as much of an equal footing as they can the fossil fuel industries stories influence on the media is deep and broad and as a really long history. It's not so obvious as some guy in a top hat and tails within mustache. Ashed twirling it and showing up at your desk and shouting at you to spike a story. It's a lot more subtle which means it's also more effective and it's been going on for decades. Yes and you know what oil companies don't spend tons of money on something every year for decades if it doesn't work that's it for this time I am busily working on a new investigative series that will be dropping next month. Look out for a preview of that in the next couple of weeks and will be releasing a new episode every day the week of April twenty. Second Yep I know Earth Day see then thanks for listening drilled is produced and distributed by critical frequency reporting is done by me executive producers these are Richard Wiles Katie. Ross and me our story consultant. Is Rica Murthy. Our theme music is by Martin. Wissembourg are cover art is by Lucas. Hausky drilled is made possible in part by generous grant from the Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development. We really appreciate. There's a board you can find drilled wherever you get your podcast. Please remember to rate and review the PODCAST. It helps us finding listeners and fight climate deniers. Thanks a lot. 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