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Leaving it is not at crowded as a light rain is falling Bob Constantini Wrightsville beach North Carolina president trump today weighing in on wal Mart's decision to stop selling certain ammunition for guns that's up to Walmart Hey they're very smart they had a tremendous quarter they just announced tremendous numbers which shared tells you how well our country's doing that sort of like the ultimate Paul but Walmart announced numbers that were shockingly good I'm very proud of a move from that standpoint from the standpoint of what they're doing with ammunition and guns you have to talk to them the company announced yesterday it would not allow weapons in the store as well even if customers live in an open carry St Francis acknowledged his growing opposition with the conservative wing of the U. S. Catholic Church and says quote it is an honor if the Americans attacked me Francis made the comments as he received a copy of a new book called about how America wants to change the pope that is written by a French reporter who covered the Vatican seven people were killed in the DC area in motorcycle crashes in recent days coincidence perhaps more likely a last ride of summer almost forty percent of all motorcycle allergies occur during the summer months June July and August John Townsend with triple a and more than half of all motorcycle dash occur because of clashes that only involve the motorcycle two of the six weekend crashes were in prince George's which sees more. fatal cycle crashes than any other county in the area John Matthews on WMAL and WMAL dot com prince George's county police officer accused of a sex offense prince George's county state's attorney I used a brave boy announcing a grand jury has indicted police lieutenant Richard talent of second degree sex offense the officers accused of assaulting a woman while he was off duty back in February of twenty seventeen the indictment comes after investigation by prince George's county police department's internal affairs division no word yet on the status of the officer Barbara brick WMAL and WMAL dot com U. K. parliament has voted to advance a bill that would prevent the prime minister and his conservative government from taking the United Kingdom out of the E. U. without a negotiated deal just before suffering another defeat prime minister Boris Johnson complained about the efforts to stop a no deal brags it while arguing unsuccessfully for an early election it is completely possible for government to function if the house of Commons refuses.

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