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The Associated Press reports democratic candidate Jill Biden reversing course and declaring he no longer supports a long standing congressional ban on using federal healthcare money to pay for abortions. The AP says by made the declaration, Thursday, folly, two days of intense scrutiny and criticism for rivals after his campaign affirmed that the seventy six year old former vice president is still supported the Hyde amendment at a Democratic Party fundraiser in Atlanta by said, keeping hide would prevent poem from exercising, their constitutional rights to terminate a pregnancy every day. At least a hundred Americans die from gun violence. Roz Brown reports advocates for tougher gun laws say they're making slow, but steady progress to change that today is national gun violence awareness day when many gun law advocates will wear orange to call attention to the issue. The most recent mass shooting in Virginia two weeks ago, left thirteen people. Dead. And many others injured at a municipal complex, Shannon wasa, founder of moms demand action for gun sense in America says her group's efforts have led to new gun safety legislation in twenty states. It's important to remember that it isn't just the nauseating school shooting. It's the daily gun violence to kill hundred Americans in city centres, and then world communities homicides, and suicides, like Colorado recently became the fifteenth state to pass a so-called red flag law allowing the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may present danger to others or themselves, the US has more guns per capita about three hundred billion that any other nation and higher gun death rate than any other developed nation in the world. The gun violence. Orca shows forty people have been killed in mesh shootings in just the past thirty days. This week, the US House pass legislation that would provide more than two million people a path to permanent residency and citizenship. Eric Ladas catches up on the details. The American dream and promise.

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