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Going to have a very surprise a very special guest tomorrow in it i'll let people now and he said he's going to do it's mike murphy of course the mike murphy clubhouse in them murph never goes on rilya ever but where and he said he's going to come onto maher we can talk about a very famous name of the bay area baseball and as a coach for the giants in the '60s cookie lavish jetro and you can you'll hear a lot about him today we're going to talk about him today so immersed gonna come on and talk about him as well so other nafta and then s monday morning were back again on labor day on monday morning we start at 9 o'clock the giants would be in colorado that day at stanford law professor former head of the nl nlrb bill gold we'll be with us on monday morning talking about labour and labour movement of of course in how everything got started but really baseball in labor and marvin miller and what happened in the '60s and how marvin miller really changed the game of baseball which led of course the free agency and everything else that we have with the union and everything today so bill give us a good retrospective on that on uh on monday morning so we've got at a lot to do this weekend i'm looking forward to be an out there with pat and carmen in allier with me here in the bunker we've got the professor come in tomorrow it's always a lot of fun and we've got based well the giants last night there's murphy murph just walked by very good maybe wants to see where we are seeing knows where to go tomorrow um last night for the giants a couple of things happen one and pat nile talk about this replay issue from the other night would brandon crawford hit another homerun and i say another one because he had one on thursday night as well it win last night he just drilled at the center field and it was right in an area that if was a little bit more to the right at could have in a question whether it was a home run or not he could who had replay again but it got into into the seats in.

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