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I shall be obliged to digress a little from the history of art. Unless i were to omit some annoying incidence which have happened in the course of my career. One of these. Which i'm about to describe brought me into the greatest risk of my life. I have already told the story of the artists club and the farcical benches which happened owing to the woman whom i mentioned fantastic lia the one who felt for me that false and folsom love. She was furiously enraged. Because of the pleasant trick by which i bought diego to a banquet and she swore to be benched on me. How she did so is mixed with. The history of a young man called luigi party who had recently come to rome. He was the son of one of the parties who had been beheaded for incest with his daughter and the youth possessed extraordinary gives for poetry together with sound latin scholarship. He wrote well was graceful in manners and of surprising personal beauty. He had just left the surface of some bishop whose name i do not remember and was thirty tagged with a very foul disease. While he was yet a lad and living in close they used in certain places of the city to meet together during the nights of summer on the public streets and he ranking among the best of the improvisatory sung there. His reputation was so admirable that the divine michael agnello gonna not that prince of sculptors and painters went wherever he heard that he would be with the greatest eagerness and delight to this to him. There was a man called lotto a goldsmith. Very able in his art who together with myself joined warno. Rt upon these occasions the acquaintance fang up between me and luigi polke and after the lapse of many years. He came in the miserable plight which i have mentioned to make himself known to me again in lome beseeching me for god's sake to help him move to compassion by his great talents by the love of my fatherland and by my own natural tenderness of hot i took him into my house and had him magically tweeted in such wise that being but a youth he soon regained his how while he was still pursuing his cure. He never admitted his studies and i provided him with books. According to the means at my disposal the result was that luigi recognizing the great benefits. He had received me often times with words and tears returned me. Thanks for testing that. If god should ever put good fortune in his way he would recompense me for his kindness to this. I've applied the had not done for him as much as i desired. But only what i could and that it was the duty of human beings to be mutually serviceable suggested that he would pay service. I had mentioned him by doing likewise to someone who might have the same need of him as he had of me. The young man in question began to frequent the court of rome where he soon found a situation and involved himself in the suite of a bishop. A man of eighty years who bore the title or go gansu's this bishop had a nephew called messer. Giovanni he was a nobleman of venice and the said message vanni made a show of marvel's attachment to luigi parties talents under the pretense of these talents. He brought him as familiar to himself as his own flesh. Blood who itchy having talked of me and always great obligations to me with method yovany the latter expressed a wish to make my acquaintance thus when it came to pass that when i had upon a certain evening invited that woman phantasm to supper and had assembled a company of men of pots. We were my friends just at that moment of are sitting down to table method giovanni and luigi party arrived dr some complimentary speeches. They both remains to suck with us..

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