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Today to catch a ride or give a ride to work her home ride together with ways carpool, I before we go. I'd like to say a few more words on Jalen MacKenzie. The junior high football star killed by a stray bullet in east Saint Louis late Saturday night yesterday. Dallas radio host Ben Rogers reported the Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, a Saint Louis area native has volunteered to pay from Kennedy's funeral. It's a thoughtful generous and kind gesture it is also now part of the tradition of high profile black murders, a black celebrity pays for the home. Going is the least we can do. But do we? Oh McKinsey and the thousands of other black boys murdered every year. More than a well-financed funeral the leading cause of death of black men between the ages of fifteen and thirty four is murder. According to a two thousand eleven CDC study home aside was a cause a forty percent of all deaths. Among black men between fifteen and thirty four for white males the numbers less than four percent. Murder is an epidemic disease among young black men. Paying for funerals doesn't mask the symptoms or raise awareness around the crisis. It is not my intention to denigrate Elliott's compassion. We know had McKinsey been slain by white police officer haffey NFL, and all of the would have been outfitted in shoe company, and Colin Kaepernick approved t shirts decrying racial injustice, every rapper. America would be locked in a studio thinking of words that rhyme with MacKenzie. We would make Jane McKenzie as famous as Michael Brown. The black lives matter, I calm from Ferguson, MS. Zuri? We would use MacKenzie as a symbol of an injustice..

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