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Late October Freeze could chill Colorado's wine country 70 to 100% of the grapes in the states prime wine growing areas along the western slope of in zapped by cold this year. The damage is so bad that Governor police asked for a federal disaster declaration earlier this month for Mesa, Delta and Montrose counties, goers would be able to apply for emergency loans. It's another tough blow for the wine industry, which already saw the pandemic force the cancelation of wine festivals. Course restaurant wine sales have dropped off his well. I'm Chuck Clark a way news radio West point is dealing with a large scale cheating scandal. At least 73 cadets face accusations of cheating on a math exam. Officials became suspicious when each cadet got the same question wrong on their calculus final about 60 admitted that they cheated and are awaiting punishment. What is killing the greenback? Cutthroat trout? Parks and wildlife in the states studying Bear Creek, which is southwest of Colorado Springs to learn more about the decline in the state fish there, the threatened trout were once thought to be extinct but live in the three mile stretch of Bear Creek. September survey shows an 80% decline in the adult trust Dow Industrials Closing Down today 201 points S and P 500 lost 7.5 the NASDAQ gained 65 Our next news updates at 2 30 I'm Susan would get on Keohane, NewsRadio a 50 A. M and 94 1 FM. Free healthcare hundreds to more than $1000 per month and disability compensation and tens of thousands for college tuition. These are just some of the U. S Department of Veterans Affairs. Benefits that may be available to veterans via is focused on customer service. Like never before. Choose via and see why Veterans trust in via reached an all time.

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