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Out of five garys with you. I'm with you. I love a lot of things I liked about. That's on the beat is great. William sounds good. It's you know, it's topical but not overly political when it comes out with a positive message. And I found out what the other person from black eyed peas name and just like apple lead thirty taboo. Another one there's another there's another. It's AP L D, E dot AP and taboo, and we'll I am. Yes. I feel like one of those members has been standing behind the other one the whole time, we didn't even know. It's a really big guitar. There's three of them. But mar the the proceeds from the song are going to be donated to the March for our lives and families belong together foundation. So great love that I loved it too. I really did we agree on something. I'm very excited and I enjoy your time off. Indeed. Indeed, how about a new Joan Jett in the black hearts song. She has been John has been on filming for a new documentary. That's coming out. It's about it's a bio-pic. It's coming out on September twenty eighth. So this film crew has been following her. This song is going to be part of the film, and it's called fresh start. Four five carries face. Really, what song is reminding of anything? Eighty two. They will be. Driving? Listen to on a road trip. Jimmy. Thousand one. Yeah. I think for what what.

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