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And apparently it is in the Constitution. And who better to test that out than our buddy Warner Wolf? Yeah, Fame constitutional lawyer and also old prisoner who write the same criminal criminal. To 1st 6 So one Warner Wolf arrested for war down the plantation sign Now Warner. Do you know in the Constitution that if you called Trump, he could commute your sentence. Well, unfortunately, ah, it was expunged from the record, so I don't I don't need the president for this and I just want to go on record again. I think it's wrong to take down statues. That's history. You don't change history. You learn from it, And that's how you learn from it. I agree with different agree. Good. This is a different case. I don't learn on a plantation. So I took. Give it up Water. Hey, By the way, you don't want a commutation because that means you're still guilty. You know you want a pardon? Commutation, So stone is still guilty. So even though he got his sentence commuted Yah! Don't order! Let me ask you. Let me ask you, so we're taking down statues. But what? What about changing the names of all these teams? The Braves? The Indians and your team? Your home team, the Redskins. Is it time to change those names. OK, now, as you know, I grew up in Washington. I want to read. Follow the everybody follow the Redskins. We didn't have a hockey for a long time and basketball's so So, uh, the Redskins were really called the Braves. In 1932 because they played in Braves field, a baseball team change the name to Redskins in 1933 and move the Washington in 1937. I would say the end we referred to him as skins was at Redskins, and it didn't even give it a thought. Now. You know, and not in 2016. The Washington Post hold five hundreds. American Indians and ask them if it was offensive, and 90% said No, No, it is not offensive. So maybe I would say you have three million American Indians in the United States today. Why not ask them before you do make changes? But course may wonder they're goingto they're gonna announce it today. They're gonna announce to change today, You know? Is this some summer talking about red wolves? I don't know why this song is just so legendary..

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