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Tickets copes, did you guys with this new word of the day deal that you're gonna try to slip into the faceoff? Is there used to be Groucho? Marx thing that he did a show called you bet your life the second Groucho Marx reference. I've had today. That's right. You mentioned Bobby Valentine got a long text from my mom, who's ripping off which she just happy. Yeah. Forget about Gumbo marks the pod. I was like my God bless the giants. Bullpen did. The Marx brothers friendly family all written by the great comedic writer s j Perelman. Don't you know, he wrote all the stuff? But anyway, Groucho is one of the all time. But the word would be said in the duck would come down and swing back as it was their music for that. You guys can do. Maybe we'll find those terrifying. Air-raid bells, right? What else I've heard about Groucho Marx, you guys. He was a he he enjoyed many girlfriends in this time. He was a big celebrity. I didn't know that you when you talk Groucho us got to know the deal. Yeah. Famous line is is that when he was had a woman on there once she was the two contestants. He was doing. You bet your life in one woman was on some housewife in the fifties. And he said tell us a little bit about yourself, and he had his little thing. And she said, well, I'm a mother of eleven children and Groucho looked at the camera and the crowd was ROY the live studio and cities had eleven children mammy said he said, I like my cigar. But even I take it out once in a while. That was considered one of the most racy rentable live TV today. Great line, though. Go back and take a look at those guys. Like if you're into comedy, I'm into comedy. I like like studying these dudes vaudeville all of it. And I'll those guys are those. That's like the Babe Ruth. Lou Gehrig is like, you're you're you're you're Marx brothers, laurel and hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Abbott and Costello. We've hope. No, no. Is that too late? That's a different kind of thing. Stooge back in February. Well, we're talking with stooges with ship, by the way. It's interesting. You bring the stooges up, you know, where they are. Big like religion is Boston. All man, there's like a different level of stooge nece going on in Boston for you. The stooges means something else. In mean, something that listeners always want. That's coffee when it comes to rock and roll stooges my main man ezekie pop IV, drink.

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