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Jason Mcintyre, Lakers, Frank Vogel discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


All you need is approved credit and in eighteen month lease no no trade in required visit a sprint stores sprint dot com or call eight hundred sprint one whom fifty dollars a month after sixteen twenty five month credit applied within two bills cancelled earlier made balanced limited basic after six thirty twenty eight thirty two dollars per month per line with auto pay deeper ization during congestions be twins usual restrictions apply twins usual restrictions apply back here on the Dan Patrick Show Fox sports radio. I am Jason McIntyre. He is Matt Barnes. Matt Barnes has so much N._B._A.. Information Oh my gosh I I wish half you know what we should televise Elisa. We should televise the commercial breaks. I mean Matt. Barnes is just saying that all all the good stuff. I'm like Meh so match we talk. We talk about <hes>. I'd rather than you know. He's in that top spot listen. He's famous. He hangs out with these players. He knows a lot of good stuff but he doesn't WanNa be that understandably. That guy who you just have to have understand like when you you know I'm fresh out of retiring and still cool with a majority of all my teammates. You know what I mean so you kind of have to be kind of have to have that filter from a standpoint you don't WanNa have to have guys worrying about what they say around. You and you know my friends. No they never have to do that so you know their stuff when I talked to them that I feel like I can share and then there's stuff that I know is is meant for just me or or that conversation at the time yeah and you're in that spot where you're in l.. A. Guy Lakers and clippers matter a ton right now and you're going to be going on the radio on T._v.. Ed T._V.. Everywhere and people are going to try to pull the stuff out of unit a tough to what you give out and whatnot <hes> so. I'll see if I can do a good job in doing here next South folks. We're GONNA talk about teams that are under the radar in the N._B._A.. This upcoming season now the one thing I want to mention before we get into it is chemistry matters. A ton and some of these elite teams in the West got to sometimes renew starters and how these teams Jell is going to be difficult. It's not an easy task. I mean we mentioned a little bit frank. We're not gonNA talk about the Lakers. They're not under the radar. You got a new coach and Frank Vogel. You've probably got

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Jason Mcintyre, Lakers, Frank Vogel discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

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