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His last twenty eight days. And you know. I think at this point like if you want donald trump to give you a partner. You've got to be a republican. You gotta be a war criminal. Someone who didn't rat on trump or turkey. That's about it and these people like paul manafort. Roger stone were convicted by juries. So this isn't a circumstance in which you know like they were like a poor indigent folks who played guilty because they didn't have counsel or things like that. These were the most extensive process imaginable. And so yes. I think that but you know to answer your question. Brian these pardons being doled out to people trump floating the pardons wildly investigations happening of stone and manafort is report. Said very very problematic now. The president's pardon power under our founding documents is virtually unlimited but if there is any sort of corruption or something like that it can be the basis for reopening. Things weren't a new investigation in a new set of charges. I suspect trump will triumph cramped of pardon all of that too in the next twenty eight days just blanket pardons for anything that i have done will do and so on but you know at some point. There is a limit to the pardon power in donald trump is shirley testing it. Peter baker some wording in a routine document tonight the president's vacation schedule for tomorrow and the press pool that covers him Got our attention. It's at the bottom and it says as the holiday season approaches president trump will continue to work tirelessly for the american people. His schedule includes many meetings and calls. Peter that's a i in my years and in my knowledge that is the definition of the job he was elected to do Couple of the issues could tackle is an uncontrolled electronic hack into the computers at the top of our government and an uncontrolled pandemic. Could this have anything to do with your newspaper reporting today that he is now spending most of his time watching television. Yeah look you know his schedule from the election 'til today about seven weeks has almost every single day said no public meetings. No public events schedule. he has obviously had some meetings behind closed doors that we're not put on the public schedule in particular with people. Like sydney powell. Mike flynn John and others. Who are you know feeding his Conspiracy theories about the election. But you're right. We've seen very little the president when it comes to some of these really really big issues that are confronting our country. Right now you name. Two of russian cyberattacks has been probably unprecedented in what In hitting our government agencies as well as some private sector Computer servers and this kobe Crisis is not just not going away as he told us before the election it was is worse than ever we had more than three thousand people die again today. That's a whole nother nine. Eleven in the last twenty four hours presences said nothing about it even to the point of talking about something. He has good to talk about the vaccine which he can credit for helping to prod along. He's not even doing that so you you see that line on schedule at sort of a very defensive way of the white house saying yes yes. He's working even though he's going to be down in mar-a-lago they set the time for the pool to show up at seven thirty. A m typically mar-a-lago seven thirty. Am pool time is not because the pool is going to be there to cover phone calls and meetings because they probably gonna go with him to his golf club. Aaron that brings us to the incoming administration other than not expecting a shred of decency. What does any of for. The president elect soon to be president and his team will listen brian. I think that what you're seeing here in in these final twenty days is president. Donald trump picking and choosing how and where he wants to be presidential. But make no mistake at. This is all absolutely presidential for this president What we saw whether it is kind of absence on the response to the coronavirus pandemic from both the public health and economic perspective. Or whether it is these pardons yes. There were some kind of earlier in his tenure. Like susan b. Anthony or jack johnson or even alice johnson that that you know we're kind of more land with what we traditionally think of as presidential pardons but the the the pardons that we're seeing now absolutely rewards for loyalty and retribution for those that he deems to be disloyal and really just doing things underscore his feeling that that he is right continuing to focus on the idea. That this election is rigged. I you know. I think that what we're seeing now is him writing the final chapter of his legacy and we still do have a few more weeks to go in if in fact the reality is setting in that he didn't win. I think that he is focusing more and more for himself and for his supporters on the idea that he is right stephanie. I'm gonna go ahead and guess you had the highest math. Sat's of the group The president rolled a grenade into the covert relief. Bill after conflating it with the larger general funding bill. He promptly left town. What is the state of play. And i ask on behalf of those americans who were told to expect six hundred and now are left with the hint the promise of maybe to grant well. Let's.

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