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Now I'm in a fan of this company and it's amazing CEO mile swath for ages list. We ran a whole saying that was basically an ode Mr. way to create value to stocks, giving us another nearly fourteen percent gain about double forms the s. and p. over that saying and what Abbott reported. Last week while the company showed you exactly why I've been such a relentless backer of its stock. It's not because Abbott labs delivered a Munster blow out. The company posted modest top and bottom line beat with the special boost to its full. Your guides good, but not shattering. No. The remarkable thing here, the reason why Abbas stocks shot to the all time high last Wednesday for pulling back a couple of points was the conference call what miles Wade out to say. This was the best one we've heard in ages malls, wait, literally, he put on a clinic in how to orchestrate a conference call. I think it's actually worth going over because you need to see what this actually looks like. If you're going to be able to spot a phenomenal conference call in the wild. Let's go through a point by point. I MAs white briefly goes over the numbers. That's what the all the us do. Then immediately goes into abbots corporate strategy talks about how they spent years deliberately shaping the company's portfolio Puna businesses that didn't fit like the drug business. They spun off as abbvie. And then making major acquisitions double down on other industries like the twenty five billion dollars purchase of one of our absolute favorite companies Saint Jude med in January of last year, the bulk up their medical device exposure. He explained it. This is how advocate keep putting up seven percent. We're Ganic sales. That's a big number very fast for one hundred. Eleven billion dollar healthcare company is not a small company white then breaks down all four of the company's business segments gives you.

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