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Who does this a story of a woman who have gone through abuse in nobody really talk about and nobody really since a care they make jokes about it and that was wrong? I agree and I think you're right. I think they missed it completely on the first time. Now I just have a question about the lifetime movie. Is there a reason why? The prosecution's case wasn't depicted at all in the film Indian movie Basically a story. It was a focus on me and John Story. So that's for The movie actually was more director into the another prosecution. But might defense. Okay so let's turn to the criminal proceedings against you in general a little bit One of the questions that I always wonder about people who take the stand. So I'll ask you because you took the stand in your own defense is do you regret getting up and testifying in court absolutely no. I think that women Empowers women to actually come to court and for them to tell the story it empowers women to to hear the voices into to actually understand the we. Our voices are going to be heard whether it's in the courtrooms of law whether it's outside of the lowery's in society a withers and social media. There's a ladder of a story. Snow at an empowerment of women have come in in in share the stories and social media like with the me too movement or the why. I stayed in the why I laughed. Campaigns I think is very power for women to know. The now is okay to talk about it. And that's one of the reasons I made the movie to give the conversations to give my story telling to empower more victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to share the story. This is not acceptable. This is an e. She'll issued that. We have to share this. I believe that you said John used your immigration status against you as a way to control you. Do you think that your citizenship or your nationality played a role or significant in the way you were treated in the criminal justice system. I don't think that That actually had a big impact and how affected my role in justice system. I don't I don't believe that I've heard women report feeling victimized by the system again so I'm just wondering did you feel at all victimized by our legal system now I. I don't think that I was victimized by the legal system at all because I was a day case and it was basically you know this is what we got and this is what we're going to you know half to find a way and and that's how I don't feel dead. That has an impact on me at all and against my the justice system. I don't think so okay. So did you feel a sense of fairness than with the justice system. Yes I think that the justice system was fair with me to me okay. Good that's good to know. Thank you finally on this one You were found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. Did spending the court ordered forty five days in a psychiatric facility following your verdict. Have any effect on you whatsoever whether that would be a positive or negative effect. I tell you what I fail some sense so relieved when I went to You know to the Hospital despite guidry hospital. Because I was around by doctors but at the same time I didn't know what to expect and I was more sense of relief. After the media. Remember the media played a big deal emotionally and was really traumatizing to not be able to see what's going on and people are joking and make laugh about it and there's no discipline joke on somebody who gave raped. I mean I can make if a child gets raped. You know. They don't joke about it. Then why should they joke about a woman? Being raped is not difference rape is rape in so to me was a more of a sense of calm after I had to the media when it went to Central State Hospital. Llerena talking about the media. Do you think the media attention hurt or helped you in your case Dim media basically Did whatever it did. I think that it hurt. I lot of people didn't know how to react in first of all it was differ for the first time it was televised in a courtroom. So a lot of people have access. Dude do see my trial and know what happened in. What is that about? But the whole country was divided. I mean a man was with with John. Women was with me supporting me. And you know men also were supportive of me as well but It was a complete. It was a sense of division into country so it Kinda played is own role so being that John was so abusive to you. Why do you think that he had so much public support again? Because I think there for the whole nature of his own case there are. His Penis was caught off. And that's one of the party that you know it was The whole thing was that was just basically and also remember Howard. Stern was there and he helped to promote John and he was a popular radio personality as she said but You know that happened as well in in the whole like I said because people just feel that it was more sensitive for what act instead of domestic violence Do you think the outcome of John's case would have been any different. If you're trial had been I. I don't think so because he was charged with marital rape and not domestic violence. I do wish that on his trial the judge would have include of the prosecution would include domestic violence but that was not the case unfortunately Lastly on the media and you may have answered this to some degree but what is one of the biggest exaggerations or falsehoods. The media reported about your case. Or about you'll arena. The media missed the window of opportunity to talk about domestic violence and talk a lot of things and that is itself is a falsehood because They concentrated more again in in his mail. A muscular needed to your again. I should say just going. Go ahead his penis then it instead of domestic violence in sexual assault and I think that's Does a falsehood and reported a sensational stories in Louis. Details one of the things. I'm wondering is did any of your family or friends abandoned relationships with you after your arrest or after your trial no actually. They were very very supportive of me. They were Family was always there. My friends was always there. My community was actually there for me and my job in everybody. Was You know very very supportive? That's Nice I'm sure you were very Grateful for the support at the time. Absolutely you had a former employer and friend Jenna and she seemed to support you in various ways both before and after your arrest and we see her depicted in the movie as well What changed that led to the end of your friendship with with her friendship never ended. I think she was very busy. She she's a business woman and our. She was a businesswoman and she couldn't handle everything she she started to be my agent or she she. She wasn't an attorney. She was in a managers. You at the same time. She tried to raise a family. Enron business so she has too much on her as they really got too much and fortunately just you know sometimes people just get caught up on those things and you know you leave your live and a life goes on understood thank you. In two thousand and nine. You appeared together on the show the insider with John so on the show John. Apologize to you for the way he treated you during your marriage to feel like that apology was sincere. Absolutely not the. There's no sear- on his apology. Other than that media appearance. Have you had any contact with Johnson's? Your trial not at all I know that he tried to contact me. through my From Dacia May Organization. Which is the galvanization and his public is a public organization so he tried to pop up here in there Or send me emails and still does something. I can't avoid because I can't close my organization enemies public So but yeah he is descent people his descend Not only people notes and handwritten notes to me before. What was the nature of those notes? Was it asking for forgiveness or apology? I don't really know Why he did that. I mean remember. Domestic violence is based on control and basically. He doesn't let go off. I mean I don't know if this man he needs help why can I said? Do you find yourself more intuitive now about people who are violent or abusive absolutely. Yes yes I learn to see the red flags. Yes absolutely and also. I know the domestic violence now. Discriminate as well so it can happen to any of us. Do you see significant changes now in how we treat the issue of domestic violence since your trial so long ago yes it's Almost thirty years there was no vowel of the violence against women's Act There was no hotline. Thirty years have passed We have seen changes in those. Those outlines exists now. There's a lot of protective orders that you know they have actually detected women and men. There's a lot of Training with the police or how to handle cases domestic violence. A lot of things have changed. We actually going into step of the right direction. In terms of yes. We have seen a lot of changes and how victims treated But at the same time there's a loud more this much more to do. There's a lot of work to be done to protect women to take victims of domestic violence and sexual assault just as a follow up to that. I'm just wondering or is there anything you think we're not doing well or not doing yet. There's a lot of gaps in need to be closed like for example of firearms. How can a person is still on a firearm? After he's being caught with Or or being sent to jail after a domestic violence a lot of our terrorists dino gun shootings have not everyone do but a lot of them has a domestic violence background in themselves in his mental health. So there's A. There's a big gap. We need to close this. Just one of them of many agree. Thank you for that Lorraina. What advice would you give to someone who might be in your situation who did not see the signs of violence early on and didn't see that really until later in the relationship when maybe it was too late when I made this movie? I wanted to Ashley Project. Not only For people to see the dynamics of how domestic violence wanted to dig and see how vulnerable a victim of domestic violence is in how brutally cruel and vicious aggressive. The perpetrators can be but also I want them to know that there's a connection it's gotta be a connection somewhere when they see a movie like this in real life is happening there is there are resources. I want them to empower themselves by education there With the tip of our fingers we can actually use the Internet and used as resources empower yourself. Educating yourself and I also want him to know when the lead them Nell dead a beer in an abusive situation. You never should stay. Assimilated always contact people. Wiscon- friend family stay especially now that there's a covid nineteen their abusers use isolation allied to to hold you down but you can still go and call somebody be connected in also. I WanNa tell you. The silence is not an option is US never an option for me. You should never be an option for you resilience because we believe in yourself. There's hope and there's a louder things that people who are understand your situation you are not alone. Thank you for that. Lorena much appreciated so you have a foundation. You have done documentary in a movie Are there any future projects right? Now that you're working on yes absolutely like I said. My main goal is to open up an emergency shelter in the near future to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault to escape. That's wonderful and and like I said I unless Ahmed Speaker. I do a lot of speeches in colleges and universities and dial in my community so it's It's wonderful. I work all the time in my foundation. That is wonderful and speaking of your foundation. Can you remind our listeners where they can find your foundation if they're interested sure is a Lorena Gallo Foundation dot org or you can actually see.

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