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House intelligence committee members are starting their review of the panel's report on the impeachment investigation into president trump correspondent Lauren fox on Capitol Hill says the report could be hundreds of pages and the public will know what's inside of it by Tuesday Mar the house intelligence committee is expected to vote likely along party lines to release it to the house Judiciary Committee that comes just one day before the house Judiciary Committee will have its forced public hearing with for constitutional law experts where they will go over exactly what the basis for impeachment would be the White House has declined Democrats invitation to participate in Wednesday's hearing after more than a year of value to fight in a profession of innocence embattled California congressman Duncan hunter says he's changed his mind I did make mistakes hunter and his wife were indicted in August of twenty eighteen on charges they used a quarter of a million dollars in campaign contributions for personal use hunter is maintained his innocence saying his wife was in charge of the money his wife then decided to cooperate with authorities and testify against her husband now hunter says to plead guilty to one count of misuse of campaign funds still professing his only crime was not paying attention to what was being done with the money but he wants to spare his kids from a public trial Jim rope Los Angeles Facebook has started testing the tool that lets users a move their images more easily other online services such as Google photos the move comes as the company faces pressure from regulators to loosen its grip on data social media star a livia JG in newly has posted her first a you tube video since the arrest of our parents in the college admissions scandal she says she debated for months about whether she should return to her channel and not discuss the case this is something that I'm really passionate about something I really like to do but I also didn't know I debated for like seven or eight months like well if I can't talk about is point in coming back her parents actress Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo generally are accused of paying a five hundred thousand dollars to have their two daughters falsely labeled as recruits the USC crew team and we will take a look at the roadways with other next on KGO.

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