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He ran a four seven at the combine look for seven how is up their play an onside wow how do you do that how do you rather for seven out just grabbing jersey without trying to get handle bars on people because there's no way you can kick have some live if you're a four seven and julio runs a four four and you're running side by side he's going to leave you but i like three yards and you can catch up now it's like a trade leaving so you're on the subway try to get to trade of leaving you know what artist upbeat nothing you could do because the whole the before gets awakens was a gift away you know going to touch him because you're and fifth year and you realize he's got above that and little here a six and he's in third still pulled away but it is i don't work you est or yeah it is three more yeah yeah three more ready a during his leg it was funny man but i you know you feel for them but the thing about is you have to but you have to you have to keep what they led a did that was really well as they kept their them on us they couldn't bring me extra guy in the box because julio what hit him they couldn't take out a box because the fun because the freeman's would kill him the devonta freeman and and coleman we get him so in their offense it just seems so balance diverse there's more than one guy you know they had their fullback run down the field like he was you know he was we have thirty one yard completion in there in the game he's never know worse coming from and a i be interested to see and they ran the they ran the the wildcat right i mean so it was going to happen is bill checks going to have to do some for the welker.

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