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Violence here says this tough talk misses the point where he gets me she'll are the high ranking members of his government say things like women should not laugh too loudly as if this encourages men to attack us and help Turkey's government stands by women she says it's just part of the problem Joanna could kisses NPR news is stand bowl. I saw a lecturer at the university of Cambridge made the kind of discovery literary scholars can usually only dream of Jason Scott Warren was inspecting photographs of the first folio of William Shakespeare's plays when he recognized some hand writing in the margins when I spoke to a bit handwriting I co unit under quite milk. going to do with the way the space at the lectern after a lot of second guessing about this being wishful thinking scholars have come to a consensus the hand writing did indeed belong to John Milton the English poet best known for the epic work Paradise Lost Milton was a Shakespeare fan and this discovery captures his comments about the first collected edition of Shakespeare's plays published published in sixteen twenty three seven years after the bard staff turns out Milton had incisive comments about many of Shakespeare's plays from world Romeo and Juliet hamlet he marked up his copy of the plays profusely Scott Warren says the annotations reveal new ways to think about both writers what this will be missed I'm inviting you to do is put you to write together and to see this measurements of encountering discovery where Milton is kind of opening himself up to some of the really exciting thing about happening in Shakespeare's writing mills margin notes show his appreciation for Shakespeare's plays but also more than that Scott Warren says it quote gives you a sense of his sensitivity and alertness to Shakespeare we kind of need that Milton riveted Shakespeare but you've got to be treating him with the seriousness of the classical he's getting ready detail texture attention one discovery it seems Milton echoed a line from Shakespeare's play the Tempest in one of his own poems hopefully the expiry date on calling that.

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