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Battle along. The needle is making game. This Wednesday would as he said. He would rather be detained in a cell in a detention center in the United States than waiting here in Mexico. Because it's so dangerous there so that's one case of a migrant who's waiting in. Mexico. How typical is story? The ability has to rent. A room is actually pretty rare from what I've seen. A lot of people are staying in crowded shelters or they're sharing one single room with four or five other people. I've seen that definitely along the border and then we've also of course have these encampments on the Mexico side where you know you've locked. Basic Services Hygiene is a major concern whole families living in tents that is definitely a circumstance that's affecting hundreds and hundreds of people and why does the trump administration wants to keep this program in place? Why is it important to them? Well it's trying to make asylum-seeking much harder. They say that it's not right. That people seeking asylum. Stay in the United States live here. The administration feels that a lot of these people have dubious asylum claims and then they end up just staying in the United States so federal court blocked from Mexico. Now it's back. What are you going to be looking? Out FOR NEXT MONICA. We'll see whether the program remains on or suspended. The migrants themselves are also watching this very closely. They are holding out. Hope in this program as water who I talked to. He's got a court hearing later in March and he's GonNa go. He says because he's holding out that he may get asylum even though fewer than two percent of the people in this remained in Mexico program yet asylum the world's immigration editor Monica Campbell. Speaking with us about the trump administration's remain in Mexico program. Thank you very much Monica. You're welcome you're with the world I'm Marco Werman. You're with the world. It's not groundhog day. But it might feel like at four Israelis. They voted again today. The third time in twelve months exit polls show prime minister. Benjamin Netanyahu's party with a clear lead but there is an enduring deadlock in Israeli politics. A big part of it has to do with Ultra Orthodox Jew serving in the Israeli army. Military service is compulsory for Jewish eighteen year olds but only a small percentage of the ultra Orthodox actually serve for many Israelis voted today. The religious character of the country is top of mind. The World Ariel Sharon has the story hundreds.

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