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Not capture tax during that time is very serious rewards inside with last month on face the nation republican senator james langford said strucks comments are also calling into question his role on the muller probe it's clear this individual within the moeller team that was also on the clinton email investigation team had a strong bias against now president trump president trump is making waves on trade ahead of his appearance before the world economic forum in davos mr trump is approved tariffs on imported solar energy components and large washing machines in a bid to help us manufacturers the bbc's rico his own says china and south korea are crying foul but us based whirlpool could not be more thrilled that sought protection against cheaper imports from south korean lexical they've welcome this move saved initiative will result a new manufacturing jobs in ohio kentucky south carolina and tennessee kmox news time is seven thirty four missouri governor gradin's was asked did you take a photograph of the woman and his answer is raising some eyebrows came alexis kevin coline has the latest instead of saying there was no photograph the governor is saying there was no photograph four blackmailed there was no black man there was no violence there was no photograph for blackmail there is no threat of using a photograph for blackmail there was no threat of violence the governor told reporters in jeff city he wants to move on and focus on the budget but then he face more questions about whether he can still lead with this hanging over him certain i've answered that question and we answered him over the course of the weekend do you have any questions on the budget sir as long as your sam loss sir avaaz sir um we answered those questions this weekend the governor says for the record he has not been contacted by law enforcement about this or any other matter kevin kelley newsradio eleven twenty kmox a standoff is brewing between the police union and board of aldermen over a bill that would give subpoena power to a civilian oversight panel that investigates police business manager geoff nyarota with the st louis police officers association says the plan could backfire on those who think it will bring more information to light what you have is officers painted painted in front of uh baid oversight board for a a dog in only show and uh you know they have a.

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