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We'll be back very very shortly. More of the retirement factory with the team from Euclid financial services next. Unless your relationship with an independent financial professional the better longer time. Horizon could give you more flexibility broader product choices more time to respond to market changes. More time to take advantage of opportunities. More time to coordinate your entire financial strategy. Those are powerful reasons to a professional in your corner while you're still working don't put off planning for your retirement choose to work with an independent financial professional. Why not start today retire earlier? If it's important to you to get started today develop your retirement strategy. Josh wells the team at Euclid financial services. Call let them show you some of your options for retirement toys, you one seven two seven twenty seven twenty seven that's four zero one seven two seven twenty seven twenty seven four. Visit Euclid dot com by contacting baby provided with information regarding the purchase of investment and insurance product investment advisory services are provided by Euclid wealth management LLC, a registered investment advisory firm. Hi, everybody the money from the retirement factory here to invite you to our social security webinar. If you're between the ages of fifty five and seventy you wanna become a precise player, just like me. And learn more about social security planning to your retirement. The best part is you never have to leave the comfort of your own home to join his great educational event. You've heard on the radio. Now, let's show you with social security is all about with the convenience of staying at your own kitchen table. Derek today at four zero one seventy seven to seven two seven that number again is four zero one seven two seven twenty seven twenty seven checkout website at could FM dot com. That's easy. C L I D, financial essence services dot com. Don't let your retirement become mediocre time is money. So why waste stressing over travel plans and figuring out how to get to your big meeting on time with sentinel limousine. You don't have to for all your business travel needs sentinel, get you from eight z. So you can focus on what really matters getting worked four zero one four three four twenty seven hundred. That's. Four zero one four three four twenty seven hundred worldwide reach small town service sentinel limousine 4._0._1. four three four twenty seven hundred. This is the retirement factory. Brought to you by Euclid financial services. Welcome back New England. You're.

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