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He's talking to me and i was like that's working about my taking pictures and the woman literally and trampled over me to get to rocky oh yeah like i was like a wall i i'd be happy to sign o o k all right we know who the real is it's fine it's fine all right uh seer huckleberry us at bat send sand bags who does things that we are bu bu the food despite the last night so yes him he's tweet calling khorasan gillaibrand horror essentially that's that was not what you thought it was anything many many people see this as a sexual he window what is the president's ingesting uh i think that the president is very obvious this is the same sentiment that the president has expressed many times before winning his expose the corruption of the entire political system in fact he's used a similar terminology many times when talking about politicians of both parties move men and women and certainly in his campaign to drain the swamp the system is utterly broken it's clearly rigged for special interest odds yes he's been ah and she's correct about that i do stand corrected that he did say that mitt romney would have in for campaign contributions as well and was it when he was looking at the governor kc goes look at that face annoy as carly fiorina yes okay there's that uh syndrome key the aforementioned senator gillaibrand it was a sexist near attempting to silence my voice and i will not be silenced on this issue neither will the women who stood up to the president's yesterday and neither will the millions of women who have their marching sense that women's march to stand up against policies they do not agree with moeller galileo news silences malania because she her mouth is full of money carlos who wheeze walking this is just really we are not move with the full time over and over again santer said this was intended as critique of the car the campaign finances really i mean like what w what we all born yesterday we don't know though she do immediately we don't get what that means particularly coming from him right he's phrasing was in no way sexist elizabeth warren tweeted or you really trying to bully intimidate in slut shame senator gillaibrand.

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