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But it wouldn't be a pop culture cosmos without my good friend. He's our own singing diva of pop culture. Cosmos gotTA check out what he's doing today at Pop Culture Cosmos at Yahoo Dot Com pop culture cosmos. d'abord press dot Com and also his great show topic clips ups and is awesome book. Congratulations you suck. It is my good friend. It is Josh Peterson. What's up man? What brought up? How's it going? Well right now is going okay until I probably turn off our entire audience and also our friendship gets destroyed in the latter half of the show. Because I'M GONNA do. Some singing with Carpool Karaoke. TYPE DEAL WITH ROXY MOBILE KARAOKE FROM PEP COM coming up later in the program also those well we have interviews with pop sockets and also as well oral B.. Those are three great interviews. We have on tap from C. N.. Pep Calm they're going to be sprinkled in throughout the program was also got just a box with partout of January TV. Update and Josh. And I on the back end if he can still stomach it after hearing my voice we're GonNa talk about. DC and marvel both their universes started getting a little bit closer together with some TV. That happened over the course of the past week but also an interesting trae. That came out by Sony. So we're GonNa talk about the DC Marvel Universe's coming a little bit closer coming up later in the program and whether or not Josh denied like it or not but I my friend Badboy three exceeded expectations at the box office. This looks like over the course of the three day weekend. Actually four days include Friday. It's GonNa earn about seventy million dollars. which is well above the expectations? That are out there. You know what I'm going to give Kudos to troy once again from the discover community network you know he is telling us that we should have more faith in a film like that bringing in an audience I kinda disagree with them a little bit because I thought anytime you're dealing with nostalgia. Most of these nostalgia projects these reboots. It's these films that have come out after so many years it with a sequel and whatnot. They'd have a tendency not to go ahead and hit its target audience. But this looks it's like did it's actually even sparked according to the Hollywood trade papers Sony saying you know what we're going to go ahead and start work on a fourth one so another another bad boys movie could be in the works. I know the script is already being drawn up as we speak so I want to hear from you. Your thoughts on bad boys three. Why was it such a big big success because you and I are so down on another nostalgia project after another after another that it gets the point where we're not sure which nostalgia will work with audiences? and which ones won't I don't know like this is a mystery to me like I haven't actually reading the reviews yet but it seems like you know we were wrong about this I. I didn't exactly predict that is going to bomb but I just said I didn't imagine it doing well and I was wrong about this so I I don't know what it is is like you know these nostalgia films. It's a fifty fifty chance in. There is no predicting it at all because you know bad boys one into there enjoyed by fans action films and fans of that genre film. I didn't see this happening Kinda came out of nowhere so I don't know why did it again. I haven't read a lot about it but the fact that Sony is already green lighting a sequel either shows that they're desperate for their next hit or you know this is a property they truly believe in. And if that's the case why did it take so long to make and again with bad boys for how long until that one is made. It's GonNa be another ten years. Who knows what are your thoughts? Not so now now. I think it's going to be because it's going to evolve most likely Martin Lawrence and will Smith is probably has to be within the context or span of two to three years so it shouldn't take that long especially because their storylines are not so in-depth you know it's okay. How can will Smith shoot two hundred more bad guys similar to what what we see with John Wick you know? How many bad guys can John? We killin this film as opposed to the last one in this case the same thing. How many bad guys or drug cartel people or anything anything like that? How many can you go ahead and shoot in the span of a two hour timeframe with him and Martin Lawrence trying to cut jokes along the way so it shouldn't be that difficult to come up with something like that because they're not going into heavy detail they're not going to go ahead and throw out? You know a whole bunch defect Sacha although they are getting a little bit pricier with those type of movies I mean we talked about it on the PCC multi they're getting to the ninety one hundred million dollar range as as far as the cost for this film so it does have to earn about three hundred twenty five three hundred fifty million dollars before you really can say you know what is going to take profit but I think get actually can at this point in time because of the great stars that as here domestically I think it can actually reach to that point so obviously we'll be justified by Sony. Go ahead and green light a sequel. I'm just I just when it comes out to Algebra is it's just hard for us out there as Johnny audience to see which ones work. which ones don't I mean? The ratings and reviews are similar to what we saw with the last terminator and and that both films were marginally thought of well and things of that nature when when you look at it on both rotten tomatoes and also metacritic but that one hit while the other one was a massive failure. So it's kind of difficult to understand what these audiences are wanted to choose when it comes to Nesta but then again is probably just going to green light three four five more projects because bad boys did well and that's the thing for everyone that does hit. You'll see three or four for. Don't we see it all the time on television. We talk about it all the time. We're all these reboots and all these nostalgia plays get green lit and very few wind up being a success story. So it's kind of interesting to see how that goes doolittle on the other hand it didn't do as bad as people thought it would but it still only gonNA earn earn thirty million dollars over the course of four days still not great especially the fact that it cost almost two hundred million dollars to make and it will probably never see a diamond profit no matter how much it makes it round the world. That's a very disappointing number for Robert Downey Junior and obviously the folks that universal but when it comes through the success story this weekend it has to be the all about the bad boys and one last thing when we touch upon the success of bad boys and bad boys three. The one thing I wanna ask you is is it just because people I think at this point in time in January just needed like we talked about before a pallet cleanser just something that he was not heavy at all was. Light was finally had a little bit of of action to similar to what we saw with. Hobson Shah Hobson. Shaw's was not going to earn any awards but it was going to go ahead and meet that certain niche as far as those looking for just some some light action here who with a lot of jokes that just has people going you know. I really enjoyed that flick. It's not going to be something I'm going to remember but hey it was just a lot of fun while I was there. Yeah it is up. Cornflakes I'd be interested to see. What the demographics are this film of people who went to go see it but in no bad boy sue was a fun on ride like it was not not a bad movie like it was quite enjoyable begist? It's something that happened so long ago. I wasn't sure anyone really care anymore. Yay He added Liberal. What we saw with Blade runner twenty forty nine right but bladerunner twenty forty nine was such a deep intellectual film that I can see why I people be turned off by? I personally loved it. I know you did too but with this. This is just kind of something. It's mind numbing in a way you know. There's deep layered storylines was about these two cops hopscotch rush hour but with Martin Lawrence and will Smith so I could see people going to see a just because it is a fun film again. I haven't seen any like advertising advertising campaigns or target or Walmart putting out reprints of the first two films. I'm just curious like how it's doing so well and can you know do people really what is demographic so people are going to see it as a young kids or is it people who grew up watching the ones in the nineties and the early two thousands that that is something interesting to talk about as far as who is exactly watching this film as Fars from an age group standpoint. Is it like you say young kids who haven't seen the previous. Do that. Just thought this would be really cool to see or is the majority of people going in. Let's say your age group or my age group that saw the movies eighteen and twenty five five years ago that have a fond memory for it. That's why they wanted to go and return to want to wait and see what the demographics lineup for that the interesting to go ahead and follow up bon but you mentioned rush hour for. I haven't heard anything definitive on that. Yet I mean that's been floating around for a long time as far as possibly reigniting that it would be interesting to see now. That bad boys three did so well could rush hour four. Be Not far behind again. You know it's been talked about for a long time. The trended needed put out a series right. If I remember correctly is the rush hour series in do so well my no. There's an interview with Chris. Tucker five or six months ago that he was is talking about. Hey we're doing this is happening. The wheels are in motion. We're getting ready to make this film but then again since then. We haven't heard anything about that but when it does finally get made eight I guarantee you. It's not going to be a flop. It's going to be something that might not do gangbusters box office but it will be something. That's definitely worth the money. So you know. Is it worth worth it for a studio to put the time and effort into making something that only makes them a little bit of money or are they really trying to make this one hit. Who knows who knows but I tell to what is be interesting to see? WE'RE NOT GONNA go ahead and be so dismissive next time around if that's the case for either bad boys for or rush hour for if that's the case because so I'll tell you what we were proven wrong this time around but we're going to be a little bit more apprehensive to go ahead and jump on the button to say. This movie is going to be a failure. Just because get the reboot or let's say a sequel to something. That's been a long time away so we're GONNA be a little bit more guarded in our expectations. One way or the other when it comes to these nostalgia plays because you never know when the fans are GonNa come out and see something that they remember so fondly. What are your thoughts out there on batboys three? Did you enjoy it this weekend. We'd love to hear your thoughts. Pop Culture Cosmos.

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