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Here it's been really awesome stand efforting. And one thing that I think is awesome. Justin Levada, I've asked everybody said, hey, who's, you know? What have you seen in gold's gym, you know, who you know, who's the who's the biggest guy ever there? And there's a couple of guys like Jeep Swenson. Remember, James Swinton? Right. And I'm like, well who's like the strongest who's the most consistent every single time or name comes up. Tito, Raymond said that in any era that you're the strongest person to ever walk through gold's gym. Now, they're, you know, of course, there's like, you know, a powerlifter that won a world championship or whatever. One one year or five years in row, or whatever the case is there's some world's strongest man guys that have walked through there. But our point was and what Tito, and I talked a little bit more in depth about was not so much just a strength. I'm like a bench press, not so much the strength on an overhead press or deadliest, but the strength on a reverse grip bench press the strength on a tricep exercise the strength on a pull up all the strength on all these exercises. And I think it would just it would be the coolest thing if there was like a Michael Hearn challenge, you know, where it was like X amount of money's put up or some sort of cool prize for anybody that can come in. And maybe even just for fun. Maybe it's just for fun. Maybe for some fans, maybe take on like five fans that are you know, in their twenties these young guys, and they come in try to try to beat Michael Hearn. But anyway, we just we were just really admiring and really admire the consistency. The long jeopardy of it. All Mike Ryan who I think maybe at times, you guys don't always maybe see eye to eye. I think you guys are friends. But I don't I don't think you're like, I got no gripes with Mike. I like Mike reviews on movies. And I don't know if you're always the best. But I mean, he had nothing but good things to say to. And he was just like. He's like look, man. The guy comes in there every day sitting there at four o'clock in the morning, and he's gonna kick your ass on some exercise every single day. It's like somebody might catch him on something every once in a while on one exercise, but it might happen easily. Get my happen on one day with one rap with one particular exercise. And then that's the end of it. Is it doesn't happen? Again. How did how did that? How did this all come to be? How do I mean? That's a big Jim with a lot of members. And you name some people that are high profile. So that's that's nice first of all just anytime. You know, you're not around and they're talking nice of you. That's a nice thing. So. You know, it's every workouts, my last workout, and it's been an approach I've done since I was nine years old. Like this morning. I mean, I'm not just trying to blow smoke up as asked here in or make his head any bigger than it already is. But have you ever seen anything like this before like this kind of commitment? I mean, it's it's no no I wasn't around. You know, people that worked out like that all the time. I worked out by myself, even when I competed, and then my friends back home, they like to party and hang out like working out. So no, I have not seen any business and stuff. It's a like you said, you know, it's it's mental strength. That's what it comes down to. So his mentally his very strong. He wants to get something. He gets it is that what you're training because it seems like to me like when we're training. That's a huge aspect of. I feel like I feel like since I've been here in this is thirty day flash of training with you. Every day has been amazing. I feel like I've gotten mentally stronger. Is that is that something you're consciously working on? I think it's the majority of it. I think it's the voice in the head. Last week we did squats with heath. And I I said to myself that at some point don't do the set for you..

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