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I'm Gail came with Anthony Mason and Tony the couple congressman James Clyburn who is a number three leader of the house Democrats told is that black voters need to stand up and be counted on Saturday why is black turnout so important I think it's because the black community has I thank the obligation to let people know what is in their hearts and their heads you don't do that by following the results of our own New Hampshire for Nevada you do that by voting for the candidate the best best address what's in your heart what's in your head chief Washington correspondent major Garrett is here along with democratic strategist and CBS news political political contributor Jamal Simmons is his name he worked for president Bill Clinton and vice president Barack Obama's two thousand eight campaign welcome to you both Jamal I'm going to start with you because we want to start with president by the whole mental state yes where his lead is slipping among black voters why is that happening and it's it's slipping significantly the very short amount of time for anything that's happening a lot of Joe Biden support came from black voters were over the age of forty right over the age of forty five that is the most pragmatic Americans that there are the entire country and they're looking for somebody who can be Donald Trump it's hard to make the argument if you've been losing two or three weeks in a row that you're the best person to win come November so I think those voters are looking for another champions the question is where do they go right now I think he's tough question to answer what are they enough some of gone with Tom's tire but they're still a great number who up for grabs for the first time I saw Tom star commercials that I haven't seen in a very long time he's running a lot of commercials here and in the polls he's doing well yeah he is very well in the polls he has a in this state by this is that that's the reason perhaps why he's not he's not winning yeah you know there may be other reasons vice president not winning is what he's done when he's exactly major let's talk about Bernie Sanders had a big weekend in the batter actually you know when you use the word momentum you can think about Bernie Sanders has he officially become assume front runner status or is it still way too early or Larry tonight winning is why you're not winning winning is wider winning a winning begets winning yeah you create a sense of momentum and you tell voters early on I've identified the states there's a crowded field and I keep winning Bernie Sanders can say that on the popular vote in Iowa and everywhere else about it and not New Hampshire that sends a signal that the movement is strong his fundraising is more powerful than anyone it's a grassroots fundraising mechanism all of those things send signals to voters and it'll be fascinating here in South Carolina is that signal strong enough to overcome the imbedded resistance to a socialist democratic place like South Carolina easier tracking do you guys think more of the moderate vote it is certainly something that has been a bit gravitated to an event is the first place where that was actually visible in either the entrance polls or some of the conversation with voters after there and South Carolina and then super Tuesday will be a test of that across the board it would normally happens is as insurgent candidate because they catch fire the moderates and the establishment begin to find their way to the differences Bernie Sanders still declaring war on the democratic establishment as much as he is on the president's states what I don't know the answer to it can you both fight the Democratic Party and the president and when both of those fights follow us on Twitter at CBS news radio the ultimate travel this is sound bites and pensions where are you going and what's your plan how would you get that and what would you do when you get that and how would you get back I need to organize the tool with portico P. O. R. T. ICM portico is the travel planner for the curious explorer for the traveler who doesn't just want to go somewhere but wants to do something memorable portico gives you an easy platform to planning every phase of your trip from transportation to accommodation to invitations to recreation to relaxation and then back home again organize your agenda and managed a fund and get the most out of every day or on the go or your plans or maps or your.

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